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Hurricane Season – Your Essential Guide

A crucial aspect planning your holiday is making sure the weather is warm and dry. Sometimes holidays can be cheaper when it’s ‘rainy season’ or ‘hurricane season’. It doesn’t mean to say your holiday will be ruined by revolving tropical storms. These climates tends to be heavy, short downpours and before you know it the sun is back out, everywhere is dry and you’re reapplying that factor 20.

Rainy Season in the Caribbean

Rainy season, also referred to as the hurricane season is from June to November, however these months often see downpours late in the evening and higher humidity levels.

Prices for Caribbean holidays can be lower during these months, although the chances of a hurricane is greater than the rest of the year. The rainy season peak period is from early August through to the end of October.

The best months to visit the Caribbean are between December and April when the rainfall is at a minimum and the temperatures are in the 30s.

Unusual Aruba

Aruba is an unusual Caribbean Island as it sits below the hurricane belt. This does mean prices tend to stay pretty level throughout the year, but it allows you to enjoy the Caribbean without the worry of bad weather.

The best month to visit Aruba is May as it has the least rainfall. The so called “rainy season” starts in late October and ends around the beginning of January. The rain tends to be very short leaving you to catch the rays for the rest of the day.

Best Time to Travel Kenya

Kenya is close to the equator so the temperature varies very little throughout the year. The best time to travel is during the dry season from June to October. The average temperature is 29°C throughout the year. April and May are the rainiest months and the showers tend to be short but torrential.

The best wildlife viewing months in Kenya are during the dry season from late June to October. The wildebeest migration arrives at the Masai Mara in July and remains until October. Don’t forget the camera!

Mauritius Weather

Mauritius is warm all year round although the best time to travel is between November and May. There is an increased chance of tropical cyclones in May.

Summertime is from November to March when it is hot, wet and humid. The winter is cooler lasting from May to November with lower humidity levels and temperatures hovering at 24°C.

When to Travel to Cape Verde

Cape Verde has a fairly even climate throughout the year. There is little change month to month however August and September does experience flash downpours, which turns the normally desert landscape to lush green.

Cape Verde can experience fairly breezy conditions so an insiders tip would be to take some laundry  pegs with you to peg your towels to the sun beds.

Florida Rainy Season

One of the top tourist hot spots in North America is Florida and with great year-round temperatures between 20°C – 25°C. Rainfall and especially thunderstorms are common within Florida as it’s in the subtropical climate zone.

The wet season starts late spring in May and June lasting through until November. Summer time is the same as the UK and is typically hot and humid.

The hurricane season starts from June until November and peaks in August and September. Prices will be lower during this time but be mindful that the risk of experiencing bad weather is higher.

Best time to go to Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has officially three seasons, hot, cool and wet but Phuket is warm all year long. The monsoon season runs for two months, September and October. During this time it is very hot and wet with around 35cm of rain per month, six-times more than London!

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and March. Temperatures are generally in the mid 30s and rainfall is at its lowest.

February is the best month to travel with hardly any rainfall and low humidity. We have availability on direct flights to Phuket from November until April on the state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Monsoon Season in Goa

Monsoon season starts in early June until September when the weather tends to be hot and wet. Goa receives the full Indian monsoon with sudden downpours and tropical storms although occasionally, there are periods when it rains for hours.

Most of Goa’s annual rainfall is received through the monsoons. The heaviest rain falls in the month of July. The best months to travel to Goa are from November to March.

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