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The time is here for family holidays.

Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that if you are travelling with children the highlight of the evening for them is the announcement of the mini disco. Little ones are seen running to the stage whilst adults and older siblings are squirming with embarrassment and cringing at yet another rendition of The Birdie Song.

However we all have to admit that as well as keeping the little ones happy, which means we all get a bit of peace, by the end of the family holiday we are all up dancing and singing too.

When you come home the kids love to tell all of their friends and the rest of the family about the fun time they had and especially want to show them the new songs and dances they learned.

Unfortunately though, a lot of the time we don’t actually know the names of the songs to download them at home – just that one line than goes round and round in our heads for weeks on end. Don’t worry though because we have done the work for you and have listed the names of the most popular mini disco songs. The younger kids will love you for it. The older ones can always hide away in their rooms with their headphones on.

Here are nineteen of Holiday Hypermarket’s favourite mini disco songs, so get your dancing shoes on and get ready to dance

We could think of hundreds more so maybe we will put out a Volume Two. We bet that you will soon be singing along and tapping your feet. Maybe you will know the actions. If you are going on holiday you can be prepared and impress everyone else with how knowledgeable you are of all the dance moves.