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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Jamaica?

Jamaica is a beautiful island in the sun, but also has plenty of claims to fame. From sporting legends to quirks in folklore and tremendous music, this proud island nation continues to surprise the world. Take our fun Jamaica quiz to find out if your knowledge of the island shines as bright as the Caribbean sun.


Jamaican Savant

Anything you don’t know about this island in the sun basically isn’t worth knowing. You know which beaches to head to for crowds and quieter moments alike, which drinks are the best and where all the best shops are. You’re in tune with the rhythm of this reggae realm, and probably the one giving locals directions within hours of the plane landing.

 Jamaica Fan

You know a fair bit about Jamaica and what makes it such a special place to be. You’ve travelled plenty in your time, and Jamaica’s a solid favourite of yours. You know the value of a good rum punch and you’re first among the hagglers in the street markets each weekend. Relax on the beach on your Jamaican holiday, confident in your prowess.

 Jamaican Junior

While you’ve got a good grasp of the basics, Jamaica is still a wonderful mystery to you. Chances are you’re eyeing the island as your next big holiday escape, and you have tons to look forward to when you travel there. From the richest rums to the most succulent seafood, this land has lots to teach you.

 Natural Newbie

You’re just learning about Jamaica and what it can offer. This is a wonderful position to be in, because you’ve got plenty to learn about the island’s history and past, as well as its vibrant events and festivities today. Go into your Jamaican holidays with open eyes and an open heart, because there’s plenty to pick up on during you adventures.

Let us know what results you got in the comments below.