How to save thousands on your Easter holiday

Here’s a cracking idea for getting the cheapest family holidays over Easter.

Our research shows there are big differences in average holiday prices in April depending on the day you fly – and you can save hundreds, even thousands, on a family getaway

As schools have a two-week break over Easter, you can be flexible on your departure day and still get back in time for the start of the spring term – so by moving your flights by a few days you can find big savings on your holiday costs.

Here’s how average prices compare for 4* seven-night all-inclusive holidays for a family of four flying from London for every possible start date over the Easter school holiday.

Flying from an airport in London

How average per person prices vary by departure day over Easter

London airport holiday savings

When you total up these savings for a family the benefits can be huge. For London departures, we found that average prices for Lanzarote holidays starting on 12 April were 56% cheaper than on 8 April – a saving for four people of more than £2,700!

For Mexico, families can save 35% by travelling on 9 April rather than 12 April, a total saving of more than £2,400 for four people.

Tempted by Cyprus? Our advice is to fly on 12 April, when average prices are 35% cheaper than leaving on 10 April – a total saving for four of more than £1,200.

Here’s how savings stacked up for the destinations we reviewed:

Flying from an airport in London

This is how much families can save over Easter

London total savings

The trend is the same for departures from airports in the Midlands, with big savings for Cyprus (28%), Lanzarote (27%), Tenerife (25%) and more:

Flying from an airport in the Midlands

This is how much families can save over Easter

Midlands holiday savings

If you’re flying from Manchester or Liverpool, the strategy still works. In the table below, you can see the savings we found for lots of popular winter destinations:

Flying from an airport in the North West

This is how much families can save over Easter

North West holiday savings

And Scottish families can benefit, too. We checked average prices from Glasgow and Edinburgh and found great discounts for Spain (36%), Cyprus (26%) and Tenerife (23%):

Flying from an airport in Scotland

This is how much families can save over Easter

Scotland holiday savings

Our advice for finding the cheapest deals this Easter is to check out different departure days before booking your break.

It’s easy to skip through daily prices on the Holiday Hypermarket website, and you could save a lot of money for your family!

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