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When are you most likely to splash out on holiday? [holiday money poll]

According to a recent Post Office Travel Money study, Scottish holidaymakers spend 27 per cent more than other UK tourists on their holidays. UK holidaymakers tend to spend the most holiday money on meals, sightseeing and drinks, although Scots spend more on visiting water parks and buying souvenirs, totalling an average of £707.92 on each trip versus an average UK spend of £557.49.

The study, which looks at popular holiday resorts in Bulgaria, Spain’s Costa del Sol, Majorca, Crete in Greece, Marmaris in Turkey and the Algarve in Portugal, found that prices for meals, drinks, beach items and days out are down year-on-year.

Another TravelSupermarket study looks at holiday spending by age and shows that holidaymakers in their sixties spend more than any other age group, averaging £454 per traveller. Travellers in their 30s with children spend an average of £452 in cash, while those in their 40s spend an average of about £449 per person – over and above tickets and accommodation costs. The most budget conscious (perhaps unsurprisingly) are the travellers aged 18 to 29, who spent an average of £428 in cash while on holiday.

One of the best things about going on holiday is kicking back with a cold drink, but when MyVoucherCodes polled over 1,500 UK men and women aged 18 and over, 55 per cent admitted that they drank alcohol for six out of seven days that they were on holiday. When asked how much they typically spent on alcohol each day, the average answer was £49,92, which totals about £300 for a 6-day stay.

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Main image: Dan Tentler