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How I Holiday, with Toyah Willcox

With the 80s Invasion tour coming up next year, Toyah will be performing along with other luminaries including Paul Young, Martika and China Crisis in a UK wide tour. At the moment Toyah is playing a solo tour all around the UK and she was gracious enough to spare us some time to talk about what type of holidays she prefers.

The singer’s earliest memories of breaks are spending time on the family boat moored on the river Avon and also at their caravan that was based close to the boat. This meant that from an early age Toyah was accustomed to packing – a task that she has had to carry out throughout her working life.

Cities are important places to Toyah, “I have written four albums in Seattle. I absolutely love that city – it’s a very green forest orientated city and its quite a harmonised hub of high rises but they kind of peter out into wooden shacks quite quickly and there is water everywhere.”

Keeping to such a hectic schedule means that unwinding is important, and whenever possible, Toyah retreats to her holiday home in France.

“I have a home in Menton in France which I absolutely adore.” This magical town, located on the French Riviera is famed for its gardens and its lush vegetation.

Toyah loves the place for its calm atmosphere, “It’s like a retirement place for the French, it is like a garden city, and it’s renowned for its Victorian gardens, many botanists and the English settled in Menton, so you have the Westminster Hotel, The Balmorals, The Victoria – so it is both French and English and very proud of its botany and gardening.”

Long haul flights are also a common feature of Toyah’s life. But she has a refreshing approach to flying in that she loves the experience, “I don’t have a problem at all with that because it is actually a bit of a breathing space for me – I always have my computer with me on flight mode – I have plenty of writing to do and I always have a book and I love movies so I catch up with movies. When I go up to Seattle I can watch three movies on that nine hour flight and it just flies by.”

If you want to catch up with Toyah’s 80s Invasion tour 2017 she’ll be appearing with a fantastic line-up including Paul Young, China Crisis and Marika all over the UK, starting on the 2nd March in Rhyl and ending on 19th March in Liverpool. Tickets are available from

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