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The Hottest Nightlife Spots in Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the best known Greek islands – but if you’re up for a party, where should you head first? The island has some of the most distinctive hotspots in the Mediterranean. If you take our advice, you’ll be in with the movers and shakers before you know it.

History, antiquity and modern thinking converge on the Greek island of Rhodes, which is famous for its glorious beaches, abundant sunshine and fantastic cuisine. But there’s more to Rhodes than just that – the island has a bustling nightlife scene, and we’ve rounded up some hotspots so fresh and funky they would have had the ancient Colossus dropping some shapes on the dance floor.

Party like it’s 2016 BCE at Bedrock

You might know it as the Stone Age city that Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney called home, and Bedrock in Faliraki is a nightclub that looks like it was pulled straight out of the movie. Huge stone slabs and stylish bone columns give this awesome destination a feel of its own, but it’s a little cooler than the cartoon – expect cocktails, blazing fire-eaters, beautiful dancers and uproariously loud music.

Saturday nights host famous all-nighters where you’re all but expected to drink and dance until sunrise, while there are also frequent karaoke performances. Don’t miss the cute car – styled just like the classic cartoon – that’s sometimes parked outside the venue, although we couldn’t blame you for being distracted by the lights, sounds and sensations on offer inside. There’s plenty to yabba-dabba-doo!

Visit Captain Hook for rum and metal

Don’t worry – we aren’t just setting you up with themed bars here. Yes, the name and the decor are piratical through and through, from the skulls and ship wheels to the varnished wood panels and rugged barstools. But Captain Hook, based in Rhodes Town itself, is famous as a rock and metal bar. Those nautical trappings are fused with posters for AC-DC, Metallica and Korn branded across the walls, and some sweet criss-crossed guitars hanging on display.

Some of the most defining rock music in history, as well as modern hits and breakthrough bands, scream from the speakers all night long. The beers and liquors on offer here will keep spirits high among you and your crewmates.

Dance under burning neon in Colorado Club

When you’re exploring the nightlife of Rhodes Town, you’re likely to spot the illuminated sign for Colorado. On a particularly busy night, you’ll probably spot the queue snaking out the door too. The reason for people flocking to this club time and time again will make sense once you step inside, feel the bass shaking you down to the bones and watch those neon lights sweep over you.

With cocktails by the score, shots by the dozen and music from across the globe blaring out of a world-class sound system, you’ll be joined by party people from all walks of life. Some weekends even host live music performances, which keep the dance, laughter and drinks flowing.

Taste the traditional in Raxati Cafe

If you’re in the old town area of Rhodes City, make sure you stop in for the evening at Raxati Cafe. From its ancient arches to its retro film posters, this cultural corner of town has stone walls, but warm hearts within.

Both owners and locals who frequent this bar will give you a big welcome, and from rich coffees and homemade pies through to cocktails and traditional spirits, you’re going to have plenty on your plate and in your glass. Yet if there’s one thing that draws the crowds to Raxati Cafe, it’s the music – live musicians and local songwriters come here to practice their craft, and the building is perfectly designed to let the acoustics fly free.

Chance your luck at Casino Rodos

Rhodes Town houses a casino whose history stretches back decades. Even today, Casino Rodos continues to draw in the crowds. Alongside the huge roster of slot machines, you’ll also find roulette tables, games of poker, blackjack and punto banco. As you’d expect, there’s a classy bar and some nearby restaurants to dine at, although the real allure will definitely be the thrill of beating the house at its own game.

That said, remember to gamble responsibly, and be sure to check out some of the themed nights, which range from cultural to classic.

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