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Hotel Rates Tumble Across Europe

One of the keys to cheap holidays is finding the right price of accommodation, and the rise of online holiday booking has certainly made it easier than it has ever been before to find cheap hotels wherever you may roam.

This month’s trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) has even more encouraging news, with the average price of hotel rooms down across Europe. Travellers taking a city break or a Continental holiday in October can expect to pay around £110 for a standard double room, which works out as 7 per cent lower than it was in September. Looking at the wider picture, the price of holiday accommodation dropped in 35 of the 50 cities surveyed in the tHPI.

Some of the lowest prices are to be found in the Mediterranean and southern European resort areas, meaning that a spot of autumn sunshine is highly affordable this month. Hotels in Crete cost around £65 a night for a double room, while the prices in Rhodes were even lower, at around £55 a night and falling to just £54 a night in the Algarve, so dust off those golf clubs!

Cheap holidays in Majorca are an excellent bet, with an overall 33 per cent fall in hotel prices to £54 a night, while the resort of Calla Millor boasted average rates of £64 – a 38 per cent fall since last month – and Playa de Palma’s average rate fell 41 per cent to £70 a night. The Portuguese island of Madeira’s average room rate stood at just £78 a night, down 4 per cent and there was a 15 per cent fall in the price of a room in Turkey’s Alanya resort to 54 pounds a night.

The tHPI serves to underline the excellent bargains and deals available on cheap holidays for the savvy UK holidaymaker to track down online.