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Hooray for a Holi Holiday on Ibiza

The party conscious island of Ibiza has seen it all over the years, first foam parties, then the spectacular ‘clubbing as theatre’ staged by the likes of Manumission and the superclubs of the nineties, through to the more recent day-glow paint parties and boat parties. But now the multi-coloured powdered paint extravaganza that is the Holi Garden Party is the latest vibrant addition to Ibiza holidays and the infamous outdoor clubbing scene…

Holi, Ibiza style

The massive celebration of equality across the Indian subcontinent may seem like a strange bedfellow for the blissed out beaches and rave tunes of Ibiza holidays, but one corner of the white island has been transformed into multicolour primer, thanks to a series of six outdoor parties that started in the peaceful Benimussa Park this June and continues through to September.

Benimussa Park is a special place for many, being the home of the popular animal-themed fancy dress Zoo Project parties. It’s set on the site of an abandoned zoo, high in the hills just a few miles inland from Ibiza’s biggest and boldest resort, San Antonio. With an atmosphere melding performance, art, nature and spirituality, the park has three arenas, each with their own unique vibe, from the netted canopy of the Tree House to the poolside antics of the Seal Pit, and specially designated chill-out areas where you can stretch out on couches while you catch your breath before getting another technicolour dousing!

The origins of Holi Festival

The ancient Hindu Holi Festival usually takes place in February or March in India and neighbouring countries. It’s a riotous celebration of the triumph of good over evil and the coming of spring, which brings everyone together in unity regardless of caste or background. Revellers traditionally rub coloured powder on their neighbour’s face as a blessing. In the Indian region of Braj, the spiritual home of the Hindu deity Krishna, it actually lasts for a staggering 16 days.

This year’s line-up

The exact line-up for the remaining dates of the Holi Garden parties is still to be announced, but with previous nights featuring the likes of Remo, John Blevins and Jon Sa Trinxa, you can bank on an equal calibre of DJ talent to infuse the airwaves with colourful sounds to match the rainbow-hued ravers.

The organisers have shored up an impressive five tonnes of powder paint for what will be quite possibly the Balearic Islands’ biggest moving action painting, so never mind the Pollocks, if you’re looking for a colourful clubbing experience with a difference on your Ibiza holiday this year, you could be all made up at Benimussa Park.

The next Holi Garden parties are on Thursday nights (doors open at 4.30pm) on 21, 28 August and 4 September. Tickets cost 35 euros, including three bags of powder paint to get things off to a messy start.