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Holidaymakers Return To Shocking Scene

As well as feeling excited about the prospect of going on holiday, when it comes to the crunch, leaving is another thing. There are the dogs in the kennels to worry about, whether or not the timers will work properly this time and that anxious feeling of whether Aunty Pat will remember to lock the doors each night after her routine check on the house.

However most of us don’t seem to consider the safety of our vehicles which are aimlessly dumped at a pre-paid car park and generally aren’t given a second thought of. After all, you’re in a rush and all you can think about is checking-in and getting rid of those pain-in-the-bum cases. Plus, you’ve probably already checked the car-park out and feel comfortable with its safety, what with its hi-tech security cameras, state-of-the-art flood lighting and nightly security guards keeping an eagle eye out for potential prowlers.

However, holidaymakers returning to Stansted long term car park on Tuesday 31st August were in for a bit of a surprise! Not only were families’ feeling the holiday blues after landing back into blustery Britain, but these passengers faced a scene of devastation when 24 holidaymakers’ cars were burnt-out after a fierce blaze took hold of a long-stay car park at Stansted Airport.

The alarm was raised at 2.30am but it was only when the first fire crew arrived to a report of a single car alight in Zone C of the airports car park that they realised the flames had also immersed themselves along a row of parked vehicles.

Police believe the fire may have been sparked by an electrical fault in one of the vehicles. High winds then spread the flames rapidly through the car park causing almost a quarter of a million pounds worth of damage.

And if that’s not devastating enough, insurance claims could prove a nightmare for people who have lost their cars as it may never be possible to identify the faulty car that sparked the fire and started this catastrophic blaze.