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How I Holiday, with Paul Young

How I Holiday, with Paul Young

Singer and songwriter Paul Young is known for having a string of top 10 solo hits through the 80s, including ‘Wherever I lay my hat’ and sung the opening lines on the 1984 Band Aid hit single ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’. We caught up with him to talk about how he likes to holiday, which ranges from RV-ing through America and Mexico to relaxing breaks in the Italian Lakes.

lake cumo

Paul’s adventurous spirit shines through as he talks about holidaying with his family before his children became teenagers. He says, ‘When the kids were small we used to pick up an RV motorhome in Texas and take it around New Mexico and Arizona then drive down to Mexico for a little bit. We’d do lots of different things like jet biking where the Hoover Dam is and horse riding at a place where they teach you to rope cattle, how to use a lasso and fun things that kids like.’

It’s taken Paul a while to get used to sun and sand type holidays. He explains, ‘I never used to like lying on a lounger much. It was boring and I used to go red, so I’d find other things to do, but now I’m quite content with it.

‘Most of the time I go to Lake Como – it’s not so much sun and sea as sun and lake. It’s great because you can rent a boat fairly cheaply and go on the lake for three hours and be your own boss. We can see stuff on the other side of the lake, stop anytime we want and jump in the water. Swimming in the fresh water is really refreshing.


‘I’ve made a lot of friends on the lake and we go to see them. What I like about the village we stay at every summer in the Italian Lakes is over the years the kids have made Italian friends and so they can’t wait to get there and see them. Now the kids tend to come and go because they’ve all got holidays with their friends, so they might fly out early or come and join us a bit later. In the meantime, me and my wife like to visit antiques markets. They have some really good ones in Italy.’

Despite having found his idea of a perfect holiday, Paul does get Facebook envy when seeing holiday snaps friends post. ‘A friend just posted a picture of his family in the Dominican Republic. I haven’t explored the Dominican Republic yet but I looked at that photo and thought, ‘I’m going to have a look at that for next year’.’

dominican republic

Paul travels abroad when gigging but doesn’t often get the time to experience the places he’s in, so is planning on treating himself to a holiday after the 80s Invasion Tour he’s part of next year. ‘I don’t often do Easter breaks so that will be a nice thing’, he says.

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Have you made friends in the Italian Lakes, or like the idea of RV-ing on your holiday? Let us know below if you share Paul’s holiday taste.