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Holiday Make-Up Tips and Tricks That Will Have You Looking Flawless

Going on holiday can be the perfect time to flaunt that natural beauty and go barefaced on the beach. However, it’s also one of the best times to be a little adventurous and try out some make-up looks you wouldn’t usually wear to the office.

We’re here to give you some tips on how you can feel like Beyonce… flawless.

Moisturise and Prime

After hours of being a complete lobster and lounging around in the sun all day, your skin is definitely going to start drying out … and who wants that? There are two ways you can use moisturiser in your holiday make up routine – either before application to start building that base and give a little life to your skin or, before bed so your skin looks fresh, glowing and revived the morning after.

Now make sure you don’t forget to prime, prime, prime because let’s face it during the night it’s going to get a bit warm whether you’re dancing, out for a meal or on an evening stroll so we definitely want to avoid make up dripping down our face… not a good look.

Work with your Foundation

Has this happened to you? So you’ve been out in the sun, having the time of your life, your skins got that glow and you’re thinking ‘yes, I am looking mighty fine with this tan’ but then it comes to putting on your foundation and you realise … yes you guessed it, it now doesn’t match and you’re resembling Casper the Friendly Ghost because your face is super white.

To avoid such faux pas there are a few things you can do. Buy a foundation that is darker than your usual shade depending on how much you tan, try combining two foundations together to get the perfect shade or simply stick to your powder which will give you coverage however not as much as foundation so your face wont look like a marshmallow.

Make Shimmer your best friend

Being on holiday is the perfect time to try something you might not usual give a go back home, go ahead, be brave and shy away from those natural, matte colours.  A shimmery, gold smokey eye is perfect to add that hint of glam to your look.

Start by applying gold all over the lid, blend a darker brown into the corner of the lid and through the crease and then finish with a white/champagne colour in the inner corner to give that extra twinkle.

Highlight and Bronze

When better to pop out your favourite highlight than on holiday? There’s sun hitting you from literally every direction and you look like a goddess! Whether it’s a pen, powder or cream, make sure you illuminate those core areas; the tops of your cheekbones, down the nose, chin and forehead.

Now you might be thinking ‘why do I need to bronze if I have a tan?’ Depending on whether you choose to use a foundation or some sort of cover up on your face you might not need to use this, however if you have decided to go all out and apply some product here’s what to do.

Sweep a bit of bronzer over the areas where you would naturally tan, so anywhere the sun would usually hit you, just below the cheekbones, the tops of the forehead and along the jawline… a little will go a long way here.

Bold and Bright Lips

Now’s the time to bring out your brighter shades when it comes to lipstick or lip-gloss. We’re talking your Coral’s, Red’s, Pinks and Orange, yes you read that right we said Orange! Don’t be afraid to add that pop of colour into your make-up routine and try something different… you never know you might find a new favourite.