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Holiday Hacks for Staying Safe on the Road

The travel pros at HYPE have pooled their knowledge into something more powerful than a hotel with Wi-Fi, more useful than a taxi driver who knows your destination, and more entertaining than watching your friend struggle to order dinner in Spanish… That’s right, we’ve got your holiday hacks right here.

We’ll be putting out a video series (with one of our fave vloggers, Josh Marshall) between now and May 25, about all the useful tips and tricks that you’ll need to make the most of your holidays. And there’s no time to waste – we’ve got your first look, at holiday safety tips, right here:

How do you stay safe and keep your valuables secure while on the road? Leave your tips in the comments below! And if you have any pals venturing abroad soon, remember that sharing is caring – send them this video and make sure they are in the know as well.