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Help For The Oldies

My darling wife and I have been holidaying in Benidorm for many years now, and although it is always enjoyable, we feel it is time to visit another equally pleasant location. We have browsed many brochures and the Internet yet, alas there appears to be so many locations, all depicted as being ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’. In addition, through using a wonderful Web Site named Trip Advisor, it appears that many places we look at attract a series of both positive and negative reviews! We are getting nowhere, and seem to be chasing our tails.


We are both in our late fifties but are still young at heart and still like to have fun. We would like a scenic location that is rich in culture, possibly with some nice excursions on offer, with good evening entertainment (not bingo, I’m not quite that old) and plenty of sun. My wife would like a nice beach where she can read a book or two away from the grandchildren. We love to eat out, so would love to find a place offering a variety of freshly cooked authentic meals of the country we will visit. We also would prefer a short flight time, as my wife is not a fan of flying. If anybody could offer us some realistic advice we really would appreciate it. Ideally we would like to fly within the coming month. Any comments would be gratefully received. Thank you,

Mr F Elliot, Newcastle