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Halloween Horror Movie Locations – Do You Dare?

Have you ever sat down with your popcorn to watch a horror movie and wondered where it was filmed? These movie locations were made to make the audience tremble in terror. So with Halloween just around the corner we have picked our top 5 horror hotspots to give you the chill on holiday.

1.       The Others – Filmed in Spain

Although this film is more of a suspense drama, it certainly knows how to make you jump. Filmed in a Spanish mansion set in extensive eerie grounds, this place becomes the perfect setting for any horror movie.  Many of the scenes take place around the dark hallways, corners and rooms which add to the ‘heart in your mouth’ moments.

2.       Hannibal – Filmed in Italy

Hannibal decides to move his killings abroad to Italy. This film manages to turn the beautiful city of Florence into a dark and eerie place. Here Hannibal becomes a steward of Capponi Library and lives in Palazzo Vecchio, a Florentine palace which holds some of the city’s remarkable pieces of art. Real life killings have taken place at the Palazzo Vecchio giving inspiration for that gruesome balcony scene.

3.       The Amityville Horror – Filmed in New York

Based on a true story, this film is set in a house where a horrific crime took place. About a year later a new family moved into the house but fled a few months later claiming they were being terrorised by ghosts. From here The Amityville Horror film was born. The movie was not shot at the original house, instead they used a non-haunted house in New Jersey.  The Amityville home was a real crime scene and makes for one scary spot.

4.       The Omen – Filmed in London

The majority of this movie was filmed in London, although there are a few scenes that were filmed in Rome and Israel. The scene in which the priest gets impaled by a lightning conductor was actually filmed in London’s All Saints Church. If you have been to Windsor Legoland theme park then you have already visited a scene from this film, as this was the site of Windsor Safari Park, the scene in which the monkeys react to Damien, before it closed it’s doors in 1992.


5.       The Exorcist – Filmed in Washington DC

The home of the possessed girl, is part of a regular neighbourhood and is just steps from Georgetown University. Strolling past this house you may not recognise it, as it looks remarkably different from the film. The window into Regan MacNeil’s room cannot be seen as this was a false front created just for the film and the interior of the house was actually filmed in a studio. Further down the street you will find the steps where Father Karras landed after throwing himself from the window.

So are you brave enough to visit these places?