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Guide to Currency and Prices in Mallorca

The largest of the four Balearic islands, Mallorca promises its visitors excellent value for money, offering summer sunshine to enjoy on any of its 250 beaches and hundreds of miles of coastline.

You’ll find excellent cuisine for all tastes, from traditional Spanish tapas as well as more global dishes. Choose from nine Michelin-starred restaurants or local restaurants in mountain villages – there’s something for all budgets and tastes here. And don’t forget to enjoy late-night cocktails in the buzzing capital of Palma. Mallorca is part of the EU and the currency is the Euro (EUR).

Dining out in Mallorca

Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth, there’s something for every culinary taste in Mallorca. A three-course meal for two will cost between £31-£53 in a mid-range restaurant. Food is served in great ambience; restaurants often have local music playing in the background to set the mood perfectly for your meal.

For those with a sweet tooth, try the ensaïmada, a Mallorcan spiral-shaped pastry made with yeast, flour and sugar. An affordable treat at around 2 Euros, this makes an excellent snack or even a light lunch for those travelling the island.

For cheese lovers, try Mahón cheese, native to the neighbouring island of Menorca. Made from cow’s milk, it has a salty and buttery taste.

For vegetarians, Tombet, a veggie dish native to the island is well worth trying – a mix of sliced peppers, onions, aubergine, and potatoes fried in olive oil, then baked in layers.

Stuffed aubergine is also a delicacy in Mallorca, made from minced meat, garlic and onion. Traditional Spanish paella is also widely available and offers a combination of seafood/meat (or both), rice, vegetables, plus a variety of herbs and spices.

Finally, be sure to try Mallorcan soup with bread, a simple but tasty mix of vegetables – usually chopped cabbage, cauliflower and peas. A main meal of these items in an inexpensive restaurant will cost between £9 and £13.

The price of drinks

Local beer in Mallorca will cost you between £2.20-£3.50 for 500ml. A 750ml bottle of wine will cost around £5.20 in the supermarket. Mallorca offers a vast selection of local wines – try Sa Vall Selecció Privada, Vins Miquel Gelabert, a toasty oaked white wine. Or if you prefer red wine, try Sio Crianza, a spicy and fruity bottle that costs around £12 a bottle and perfectly reflects the Mediterranean personality of Mallorcan wines.

Mallorca’s liqueurs are available with varying sweetness and include hierbas secos (dry) and hierbas dulces (sweet), which are based on aniseed and brimming with herbs.

Tap water, while perfectly safe to drink, is also high in sodium and chlorine so it’s definitely worth buying bottled water, which is inexpensive at around 90p per 1.5-litre bottle from supermarkets.

Out and about

There’s plenty to do in Mallorca, for travellers off all budgets. If you’re on a low budget or just enjoy being out and about, head for Serra de Tramuntana, a limestone mountain range that stretches the length of the northern Mallorcan coast.

On the north-east coast you’ll find S’Albufera Nature Reserve. Free to visit and ideally accessed by hire car, this is a great for location for eager birdwatchers, with the reserve home to more than 200 species including purple herons, kestrels and falcons.

For a taste of paradise, pay a visit to the aptly named Canyon Gates of Paradise, a stunning canyon with impressive views, best accessed by boat.

Mallorca’s capital, Palma, is loaded with culture – Catedral de Mallorca is a great example: a historical building with beautiful architecture. Entrance costs from just £6.30.

For fruit lovers, it’s well worth a visit to Ecovinyassa, a little farm where you’ll find species of lemon and orange trees, figs, pomegranate and avocado. Entry costs £10.50 for adults and £5.25 for children aged 4–12 years, this includes orange juice and a snack.

And for nightlife, check out the Palma’s live bands and late-night clubbing. From intimate bars to large rooftop venues, a cocktail will set you back between £6-£14 and you’ll be sure to watch the sun set in style.

How much spending money should I take to Mallorca?

You’ll need to budget for around £50 per person per day, or £350 per week for Mallorca to include all meals and excursions. It may be worth considering an all-inclusive deal such as HYB Eurocalas from just £648pp*.

Tipping in Mallorca

Tipping is not commonplace in Mallorca, however for taxis a 5-10% gratuity would be appreciated, and in restaurants a small tip to round up to the nearest Euro will suffice. It’s not customary to tip in either bars or hotels, but if you leave a small tip of a few Euros, this will be seen as a generous gesture.

*Prices correct at the time blog was published and are subject to availability. T&C’s apply.