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A Guide to Autumn in Tenerife

With October-December one of the best times to find cheap package holidays to Tenerife, here’s some simple tips to ensure a trouble-free getaway.

Autumn is arguably the best time of the year to visit the beautiful island of Tenerife, off the coast of Morocco. Over six million people take cheap holidays in Tenerife every year, with the months of October-December a popular choice – temperatures have fallen to warm yet comfortable levels which are superior to the Spanish mainland and the lively bar and night-life of the Spanish Canary Islands is still in full swing.

Popular resorts such as Los Cristianos, Playa des las Americas and Puerto de la Cruz are still busy, with each one offering a different experience for different tourist tastes: Los Cristianos has a laid-back vibe, built as it is around a genuine working fishing village, while Playa des las Americas is busier and aimed squarely at family holidaymakers who want to laze on the beach and Puerto de la Cruz offers a good mixture of both lifestyles.

Some general travel tips when taking cheap holidays in Tenerife include:

  1. Pack the right clothes. Tenerife is warm almost all-year round, especially in the south. Bring lots of light clothing and beachwear, with perhaps a light jacket and a couple of jumpers for the night-time, when there may be a bit of a breeze. Bring comfortable shoes for walking to and from the apartment complexes to the beaches as they usually involve steps and steep hills.
  2. Rather than cash, use credit/debit cards or insured travellers cheques, to ensure you feel secure while lounging on the beach. When cashing cheques, do so wherever possible on a daily basis in one of the island’s banks.
  3. Don’t forget your driver’s licence! Even if you haven’t planned to hire a car, you may well change your mind once you see the scenery and realise how many places there are to visit apart from your local beach.
  4. Keep all valuables safely locked away. This includes your passport, which will not be needed except when driving a car or changing money. Safety deposit boxes can be cheaply rented at most resorts. Tenerife is very safe, but opportunistic criminals will try and swipe valuables from unlocked apartments or cars.
  5. Keep a small first aid kit handy, full of plasters, antiseptic, headache and stomach-ache pills, in case of minor cuts, scratches and ailments. Ear-plugs may also be a good idea if you are a light sleeper and are staying at one of the noisier resorts or close to a bar or club. As always, make sure you have a decent travel insurance policy for anything else!