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It’s Been a Great Year for Budget Travel

It’s official: We British love to travel. And it’s always a bonus when we get to go somewhere amazing, but at the same time save money. In the past, you could get one without the other: a cheap caravan trip to Bognor Regis, or a very expensive, once in a lifetime trip abroad.

So here at Holiday Hypermarket, we’re so pleased that we can offer travellers the best of both worlds. If you fancy popping off for a bit of winter sun but don’t want to decimate your credit card, we can help. For example, looking at last year’s offers, a week on a self catering basis in Turkey in October would have set you back £124, around a 35% saving on other companies, and our trip to Skiathos for a week in July was even cheaper at £99, compared with £250 elsewhere.

Added to this 2014 was a really good exchange rate for travellers to Norway, Sweden and euro-zone countries, so enjoying the hospitality of these regions didn’t break the bank either.

And the good news is, looking forward to 2015 the pound sterling is still really strong against the euro and will probably stay that way so buy all the souvenirs you like!

Prefer to roam a bit further afield? Another piece of good news this coming year is that in May  Air Passenger Duty is due to be cut on long haul flights, so if you plan on going somewhere far flung, you could make significant savings on last year. As an example, a family of four can travel to Florida and pay £142 less this year than last.

And it goes without saying that we will continue our great savings so whichever country you prefer, whether you like the freedom of self catering or living the high life on an all inclusive holiday, we’ve got it covered so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank!