Got A Text – Majorca Is Your Perfect Match!

Got A Text – Majorca Is Your Perfect Match!

All eyes have been on Majorca this summer, as another sizzling series of Love Island hit our TV screens. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live the lifestyle of an islander, lounging by the pool, sipping wine and soaking in the sun? That seemingly faraway dream could be an exciting reality, as Majorca is open for visitors!

Why Visit Majorca?

Not only is Majorca on the amber list, meaning you won’t need to quarantine upon return as long as you’re fully vaccinated, but it ticks a LOT of our boxes. It’s an absolutely beautiful island with so much to do, from partying in BCM Planet Dance to sunbathing on secluded golden beaches. The flight time to Palma from the UK is usually somewhere between two and three hours, meaning you’ll be there before you know it!

Where’s Best To Stay?

It may be a small island, but Majorca certainly isn’t short of beautiful resorts to explore. The obvious choice for those who want to party is Magaluf. It’s one of the top destinations in the world for boozy bars and bouncing clubs! You may be hitting dancefloors and sipping drinks by night, but by day you can wind down on a divine, sunny beach or refuel in seriously Instagrammable cafes and restaurants.

For those wanting to branch out and venture away from the party capital, there’s so much more of Majorca to explore. To the north of the island, you’ll find places like Alcudia, with sophisticated yet vibrant beach bars and plenty of culture to soak up. There are stunning marinas and ports dotted around the island which would add a touch of luxury to your getaway. To go down a different route, you could even research fiestas planned at smaller villages throughout the summer. There’s more to Majorca than first meets the eye!

Will I Need My Factor 50?

You certainly will! The weather in Majorca reaches highs of 31°C in August and can still hit the 28°C mark in September. It may cool off slightly as we approach November, but it’s still warm enough in October to enjoy basking in the sun with a cocktail in hand.

How Soon Can I Go?!

We’ve got packages to Majorca taking off as soon as this week! Browse our latest deals to this gem of an island here. Move mad, pack your bags and get ready for take-off!

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