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We’ve Got Blue Skies and Sunshine All Wrapped Up

This holiday season and beyond, we challenge you, gift-giver, to be bold and do something different – give the gift of a holiday. Because really, you’re not just handing over a plane ticket or hotel voucher. You’re wrapping up future memories and an experience of a lifetime with a bow. And that’s way better than any espresso machine we’ve ever received.

Reasons to make your next present a holiday

1. It’s also a present to yourself

Think about it – you certainly can’t just let your family member or loved one go on said holiday by themselves, as seeing the white sand beaches in Jamaica by yourself just doesn’t have the same allure. This way, you both get to enjoy the gift together. Just think of yourself as a chaperone.

2. Holidays are not as expensive as you think

Often, when we think of holidays, having to save for endless months comes to mind. But we can safely say it’s time to shake that way of thinking because holidays are actually not nearly as expensive as we previously imagined. Nowadays, you can score deals on holidays to destinations like Greece, Portugal and the Balearics for less than £200 a person, including flight and lodging. Go Self Catering or during the off-season, and we’re talking even bigger deals.

3. Your entire present is taken care of

Odds are, if you’re giving a holiday as a present, your gift-giving duties pretty much end there. But if you’re one of those over-the-top-types – as Christmas often makes us – you can still find plenty of gifts to wrap ready for the big day. Stock up on destination guides, weather-appropriate clothes and excursions to both up the excitement and minimise last-minute holiday prep.

Holidays for the holidays

Not sure what holiday suits which holiday? Allow us to weigh in.

Christmas present?

Lapland is the place for you.

Lapland is the ultimate Christmas destination and the dwelling place of a certain man named Santa Claus. This northern region of Finland is packed to the gills with Christmas activities, from visits to Santa’s workshop to biscuit-baking with Mrs Claus. And a heavy blanket of snow from October to May means that it’ll almost always feel like the holiday season.

Iceland will leave you in awe.

Another popular snowy destination, Iceland is way more than just ice. It’s volcanic landscapes and black sand beaches, staggering fjords and endless opportunities to see the Northern Lights. What’s more is its climate is relatively mild when compared to other countries in similar northern positions, so you’ll have a white Christmas but not a frigid one.

Florida will warm those cockles.

Though Florida is far from snowy in the winter, seeing the bright lights of the Walt Disney World Resort or the pointy turrets of Harry Potter World is unbeatable for any family holiday. Heck, you don’t even have to be a kid to feel all the wonder of some of the world’s greatest theme parks at Christmas. Cinderella’s Castle speckled with twinkle lights is enough to make anyone get choked up.

Birthday present?

Las Vegas is the one.

Las Vegas is a bright light city known as a playground for adults. The energy here is enough to give anyone’s adrenaline a kickstart. When you aren’t trying your luck at the slots and refusing to sleep, you’ll be watching your favourite performer bring down the house or screaming your face off on the roller coaster winding around the New York-New York Hotel and Casino.

Valentines Day present?

Venice will sort it.

Ah, Venice. Easily one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Days here are spent whisking down the canals on a gondola, sipping wine al fresco or pausing beside the Doge’s Palace for a selfie with a historic twist. You’ll fall in love all over again.

Now you have the latest on the best gifts available, book your nearest and dearest that surprise break – they’ll love you for it.