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Genius Apps to Make Your Holiday Hassle-free

Travelling has never been simpler with all the trendy and incredible useful apps available on your android or iPhone nowadays. These apps help to take the stress away from planning a big trip and attempt to get rid of any hiccups you might encounter along the way.

If you haven’t used any of these apps before, there will be no turning back once you download them. After your first holiday or business trip using them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these convenient, clever things. They’re a real time and money saver. Check out our list and decide for yourself which one you want to download before your next trip.


Feeling stuck on what activities to do or the best places to visit during your holiday? Triposo takes the hassle out of searching for things by telling you what events are going on in the city you’re staying in. Simply type in your destination and the app will show you maps highlighted with attractions, cafes, bars and even supermarkets.

You can plan your activities right into the app, and also get directions to your event and read reviews before you go. If you’re worried about finding the venue on time, Triposo also gives you contact details for any restaurant, museum or theatre you’re looking to go to.

Google Translate

Probably one of the most useful apps to have when you’re traveling abroad is Google Translate. If you’re in a country that uses a foreign language, this app is a must-have. You can set the language you are trying to translate and the language you wish it to translate it to and simply type in the words or sentences you’re stuck on. This proves very helpful when you need to ask someone for directions.

The best bit about this app is the auto translate function that you can access via your smart phone camera. All you have to do is open the app and snap a photo of a foreign language sign, menu, or just about anything and you’ll get a word by word translation.


Planning for a holiday can be stressful. With so many hotel addresses, flight details and transport numbers to remember, you might start to feel a bit overwhelmed. The TripCase app allows you to enter all of your trip details and keep them in one place so it’s easy for you to access. You can also see if there’s been any changes to your plans, such as your flight being delayed.

With this app you can store all your hotel reservations, seat numbers and any other info that’s important for your trip. You can also share your itinerary with others and add details of attractions and restaurants you’d like to visit during your stay.

Navmii and Navfree

These travel apps are similar to Google maps but with one important little alteration – you can check them without Wi-Fi. Preload your journey on your phone and these handy satellite navigation apps won’t even give you any nasty roaming charges.

Navmii and Navfree run through your GPS and are extremely reliable and accurate, so they’ll be nothing to worry about when you’re looking for the quickest route back to your hotel. This app is exceptionally handy if you’re renting a car on your holiday.

City Mapper

Similar to the Navmii and Navfree apps is City Mapper. This app is currently available in 31 cities worldwide and is still growing. Instead of using this in your car, the City Mapper helps you get from A to B on foot and with public transport. It’ll give you clear step by step directions and even show you quick routes and short cuts through alleyways and residential areas that Google Maps wouldn’t pick up on.

Pack Point

One of the first apps you should download for your next holiday is Pack Point. For those of us who are a little disorganised and with little to no packing skills, this app is a lifesaver. Simply tell the app your gender, the length of the trip you’re going on and if it’s for business or pleasure and it will generate a list of packing essentials. It even checks the week’s weather for you so it knows what type of clothing you should pack. If packing always seems a massive chore to you, this app will be your new best friend!


For any beer connoisseurs out there, Untapped has your name written all over it. This app helps you discover where all the best beers in town are, and when you’re visiting a new city this can be extremely useful.

Untapped lets you search your favourite beer to see what restaurants and bars are serving it near you. Or you can type in a pub you’re planning to visit to get a rundown of all their drinks before you head over. Once you’re at the pub or bar you can check in and then give a review after you’ve tried their ales.

iPhone’s Wallet

If you’ve got an iPhone then you’ve probably already noticed the ‘wallet’ app automatically downloaded to your device. Once you open the wallet you can store things like your boarding tickets, enabling you to easily scan your iPhone to check in for your flight. Don’t forget your actual passport though, you’ll still need that to board the plane and when you get to border control.

XE Currency

Once you’ve landed in your holiday destination, if you haven’t already converted money at your local post office, you’ll have to take some cash out to spend. Even if you plan on using credit and debit cards your whole trip you’ll still probably want some extra cash available so you can easily pay for any taxis, bus fares or tips in restaurants.

XE Currency is constantly updated with the live rates of 180 countries so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money. Make sure you go to a reputable place to get your money exchanged, many street side bank machines will give you a horrible currency exchange, and you don’t want to be ripped off before you even start your holiday.

Holiday Countdown

Holiday enthusiasts will probably already have this app installed on their phones. There are several holiday countdown apps you can get, and most of them do the same thing – countdown the weeks, days and minutes until your upcoming trip. You’ll probably catch yourself opening up this app at least once a week to see the numbers creeping down. Only ten days till that holiday, only nine days, only eight- well, you get the picture.