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Fun in the Sun Activities in Egypt

Egypt is best known for its iconic history, but there is more to the land of pharaohs than pyramids and ancient monuments – there is a playground for fun and frolics, too. Surrounded by desert and the glorious Red Sea coastline, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun in the sun in Egypt.

Quad Biking

There a few things that match the thrill of riding quad bikes in the desert dunes, and this is an adventure activity all the family can enjoy. There is no better place to escape the crowds in Cairo or Sharm el Sheikh for a couple of hours than the Sinai Desert, and quad-biking gives you the chance to explore hidden crags and ride nature’s rollercoaster.

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

With an abundance of colourful marine life and the wrecks of sunken World War II ships to explore, the Red Sea is ranked as one of the best places in the world to scuba dive and snorkel. Head for the Ras Mohammad National Park, which encompasses two islands and is blessed with crystal waters filled with coral reefs, and underwater caves made by historic earthquakes.

4WD Jeep Safari

There are not many animals that can survive the dry heat of the desert, and the ones that can are worth taking a look at – so why not hop into a 4-wheel drive vehicle and take a safari across the Sinai? Look out for the Nubian ibex, red foxes and striped hyenas as you go.


With sand dunes rising up to 500 feet, Egypt’s desert is home to some of the best sandboarding experiences on the planet. Known as the Great Sea of Sand, the dunes near Siwa provide an awe-inspiring setting and have smooth, steep slopes with 70-degree gradients to whizz down. Not only that but you get a sand buggy ride to reach the slopes!

Water Parks

Egypt has become something of “water park central,” and several exclusive resorts have built themed waterparks into the grounds of their complexes to give hotel residents something to do between trips. Some of these parks, such as Aqua Blu Water Park in Hurghada, are open to the public and present a great day out for the whole family.

Camel Ride in Valley of the Camels

You can’t go to Egypt without seeing a camel, so you may as well try the experience of riding one. And what better place to hop on than the Valley of the Camels, where you will have the opportunity to dress like a local and visit the nearby Beja tribe that lives in the dunes, and meet baby camels.

Hiking in the Coloured Canyon

Natural phenomena offer an awe-inspiring experience, and the “Coloured Canyon” of the Sinai Peninsula (formed by the oxidization of rocky minerals over million years) presents a picturesque setting as a multitude of colours reflect in the sun.

Whatever outdoor activities you choose to enjoy in Egypt, make sure you go prepared for fun and safety. You’re sure to create holiday memories that will last a lifetime!