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FREE things to do in Lanzarote

There’s a saying that some of the best things in life are free and we can certainly say that’s the case when it comes to exploring the island of Lanzarote!

Whether you’ve already booked your package holiday to Lanzarote or you’re still debating it, we know that for many, the payment of a holiday is the biggest one of the year. Lanzarote offers an extensive range of free thrills with unique sights, stunning beaches and a nature lunar landscape.

Check out our recommendations of the best things to do for free in Lanzarote below.

Papagayo Beach

Cost: FREE

Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote, Canary Islands


Beach days are always a good option for those holidaying on a budget. Papagayo is one of Lanzarote’s most popular. Famous for its unique scenery and stunning emerald waters, this small and sheltered beach has pristine golden sands and a stretch of sea that’s ideal for swimming, splashing around or even partaking in a spot snorkelling.

Lanzarote salt pans

Cost: FREE

Playa de Janubio, salt pans n Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Nicola Messana Photos/

Lanzarote’s salt pans otherwise known as Salinas de Janubio are the largest of the Canary Islands. The salt industry used to be extremely important in the Canary Islands, although it has since reduced its production due to the emergence of modern conservation techniques. From 26 salt pans to now having only three which still function, you can take a trip to visit the Janubio Salt Flats and marvel at the amazing panoramic views.

Salt collection takes place between May and early October when the climate is at its best and you can even purchase some salt to take home if you wish to spend some of your souvenir budget!

The Valley of a Thousand Palms

Cost: FREE

Amazing landscape of Haria valley, the valley of a thousand palms, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Pavel Szabo/

Haria is a stunning village filled with whitewashed buildings that’s now known as the “Valley of a thousand palms”, in reference to the many plants from the cacti family found throughout the area. Haria is to the north of the island and is still mostly unspoiled from tourism, so it can be quiet nice to just stroll among its street.

Exceptional sights can be seen from here, one being the reef of Famara, which has become the place to be for numerous surfers around the globe! There’s also sight-lines to the Penas del Chache which is actually the highest peak of the island, standing at 670 meters above sea level. – You can choose to trek to the top and trust us the views are well worth every single step!

Los Hervideros

Cost: FREE

Los Hervideros lava's caves


Located north of Playa Blanca , Los Hervideros is an amazing piece of nature. Its name translates to “boiling pots” and visits here during high tide when the waves are at their strongest are a spectacle to witness! It really is a great day out for families, although those traveling with smaller children will want to ensure they stay safely back.

Los Hervideros is the name given to the amazing display of waves in this area, which dramatically force the sea water into the maze of caves. – The sea literally appears to be bubbling and boiling! You can have fun wandering around the many pathways and looking down at the show of waves beneath. Los Hervideros invites you to see nature in one of its most pure forms. The sea breaking and crashing among this stunning volcanic landscape will have everyone in awe!

Charco de los Clicos

Cost: FREE

Volcanic green lake, Charco de los Clicos in El Golfo


Also known as the Green Lagoon, Charco de Los Clicos is found in El Golfo which isn’t to far from our last recommendation, Los Hervideros. If you like the sound of those dramatic waves, combine that with a trip here to have a full day of nature at its finest.

Now declared a Natural Reserve, Charco de Los Clicos is the result of a crater of an extinct volcano which submerged into the Atlantic Ocean. This stunning lagoon gets its green colour from the algae at the bottom. The contrast of this against the stunning blues of the bright sky and surrounding sea and the black of the beaches sand is nothing other than pure beauty.

Charco de los Clicos is best enjoyed from the view point at El Golfo. Take the path leading from the car park to the beach to marvel over this unique volcanic landscape for yourself. – It’s especially beautiful during sunset!

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