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Forget Paris: 6 Love Lock Destinations You Need to Visit

Pont de l’ Archeveche, the famous love lock bridge in Paris, recently hit the headlines when it was dismantled after concerns over it collapsing. This news saddened many tourists who visited the bridge to affix padlocks carved or penned with initials and dates as a symbol of their everlasting love.

Said to be inspired by ancient Chinese custom, the tradition seems to have taken off all over the world. Many say that the trend started in Italy after the release of the 2004 movie, Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo.

The film saw a couple lock their love with a padlock and attach it to a bridge before finally throwing the key into the river below. After this, it seems people are going love lock crazy as more and more padlocks appear in numerous destinations. So, if you want publicise your love this summer these are the places to head.

1. Verona, Italy

Nothings says love like the story of Romeo and Juliet, so what better place to head than the gate leading to the famous balcony where Romeo once uttered those famous words. Secure a padlock to the iron gate with a message for your loved one and be a part of one of the most celebrated love stories of all time.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the newer additions to the love lock tradition is the walled city of Dubrovnik. The symbolic locks started appearing in 2012 attached to a high wire fence and have been there ever since. This fence overlooks the stunning Adriatic Coast and can be found in Boninovo, which is about a kilometre outside of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The difference is the locks are usually left over night and once locked the keys are thrown into the ocean as the waves are said to seal the love. So, why not be the first to visit this new tourist attraction?

3. Budapest, Hungary

Paris who? That’s right Budapest is your new love lock destination. Now, let us introduce you to the love tree, yes you heard it here first romance is in the air in Budapest and it all started around a tree. Strange I know. Placed in the middle of Erzsébet tér square you’ll come across a tree surrounded by a metal fence and attached to the fence you’ll find dozens of inscribed love locks. It may not look like much but what they represent is much more meaningful. And once the padlock has been locked couples typically walk to the nearby Danube River and throw in their keys.

4. Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm doesn’t immediately strike you as a romantic destination, but it seems the Spanish favourite has become a new love locking destination. Benidorm has caught on to the trend with padlocks appearing on the handrail of the stairway that leads from the harbour to the headland in Benidorm’s Old Town. Feeling the love? Then head over to the stairway and show the world how much you love your partner, or you could always attach a lock to mark a holiday romance?

5. Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Yes, the trend has even gone global and spread as far as the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The locks started to appear in April 2010 and have sat there ever since, so if you’re an old romantic what better way to seal your love than high up one of the world’s most famous bridges overlooking Manhattan’s distinct skyline?

6. Sliema, Malta

Another destination gaining popularity for its love locks is Malta. Secured on the railings of Tigne Point Bridge in Sliema you’ll find dozens of locks. Overlooking the old time city of Valletta and the warm Mediterranean Sea it’s easy to see why so many love struck visitors take Malta holidays and flock to this scenic spot to bind their love.

Lock your love and toss the key into the ocean 😘#LoveLocksMalta #Malta #St.Julians

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Where will you be locking down your love?