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Featured Travel Blogger: Bianca from Nomadbiba

This month we’re featuring Bianca from nomadbiba: explorer, photographer and grastronomer extraordinaire; she was born in London, raised in Caracas, studied in Montreal and worked in Barcelona before she embarked on the life of a full-time nomad. If reading her interview makes you dream of travelling the world, check out our last-minute holidays to get some great savings.

Bianca kindly took some time out from attending World Travel Market to have a chat with us.

1. You used to work in an office before you started travelling. Was there a point at which you said, “this is it” or was it more of a slower process?

It was a bit of a mix. At my last job, I had to recognise that I wasn’t happy there even if I couldn’t really complain about my colleagues, my boss, my clients, the company itself, the conditions and benefits, etc.

Even with all those things being OK, I still didn’t feel satisfied; I knew that I wanted change but I didn’t know to do what or how. Then, my relationship with my boyfriend ended and that was the final push I needed to go ahead; I felt like I had nothing else to lose and travelling had always been something that got me excited. So I decided to take off. That was two years ago.

2. You have a wonderful bucket list and some of them (experience zero gravity and milk a cow) really made me laugh. I hope you achieve every single one! Can you tell me more about this one: Go WWOOFing or Helpxing to at least five different locations?

Thanks! WWOOF & Helpx are similar organizations in which travellers contact hosts to do a variety of works in exchange for room and board. So far, I’ve done it once in Portugal where I stayed at a hostel for about two months in exchange for helping them out at the reception a few hours per week.

It was an awesome experience, I met lots of wonderful people and made a few friends along the way. For my next experience, I’d love to go work at a farm and then I’ll get to cross off the item of milking a cow as well 🙂

3. Where are some of your favourite places to take photos? Why?

When I’m in cities, I love to photograph street art, because it’s ephemeral and it might not be there next time I pass by and because cities can be so dull and impersonal that I feel street art makes them more joyful and beautiful. When I’m playing outside in nature, I enjoy taking photos that document my adventures and share them; I get lots of positive feedback for those and people tell me they find them inspiring. That encourages me to go out and do more!

4. Your
porcini mushroom pasta looks very tasty! Do you try to learn local dishes in the places you visit? Can you tell us about one or some of your favourite things that you’ve tried?

It was super tasty! I love cooking, period. So anytime I have a chance to go in the kitchen and cook and/or learn about a local dish I go for it! My favourite place for food is definitely Italy; when I was there last spring I gained five kilos in six weeks! I ate with absolutely no restrain. What I love about Italian food is that it’s all about the beauty of the ingredients; you just put a few of them together and have a wonderful meal with simple things. However, I still haven’t been to Asia and I’m a big fan of spicy food!

5. Thanks for taking the time to chat. Where are you headed to next?

At the moment, I’m in Costa Rica with Viventura; I was selected as the winner of their contest Blog your way to paradise, so I’m enjoying a few days in the jungle. My next destination is Colombia as I will spend the holidays with my family there and take the opportunity to explore further one of my favourite countries 🙂