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Facebook Winner Is No April Fool…

Our wonderful Holidayhypermarket Facebook team ran a competition to see who has committed, or been on the receiving end of the funniest April Fool prank, and boy did we get some great stories….

I don’t think Michael’s girlfriend would have been too pleased to be the only person turning up for work in non uniform, perhaps better you didn’t go through with that one Michael she would probably never let you forget it!

Joanne Graham sounds like a mischievous, but fun person to have around the office, playing tricks with telephones, cellotape and compute mice!! How annoying when you answer a phone and it keeps ringing again…and again…and again…or you are banging your mouse on the desk to get it to work.

There seems to be a lot of pranks going on in offices around the country and I have to admit that if you told me to go to reception to see the nit nurse Jane Hayden, then I would be stood in line with the rest of them!

Lesley Lloyd, you and your kids were extremely cruel to your poor husband and how nice of him to accept everything without question. I think he deserves a proper party next year!

Did your work mate ever forgive you for sending a fake letter from the insurance company Robert? Poor woman, I hope you made her a nice cup of tea after that to make up for it.

There are a few of us here at Holidayhypermarket going to see Take That Beki, so if someone told us the concert was cancelled we’d be devastated!! I bet your sister isn’t the only one that got pranked by your Facebook status!!

Sharon, I like the fact you still went and asked for the tartan paint that your teacher sent you for. My history teacher once had us copying work from the board one day and wrote that the moon was made of green cheese just to see if any of us were actually paying attention to what we were writing…not one of us noticed!

I bet your friend who rang the Zoo looking for Mr C Lion was pleased with you Gill, I hope you don’t ever need a real favour off her, she might think twice! We are all big ‘Simpsons’ fans at Holidayhypermarket and it sounds just like the kind of stunt Bart would pull.

Richard, what a good job you hadn’t actually told your boss that you’d won the lottery; imagine having to grovel for your job back! It’s a good job your friend came clean in time.

I love the fact that you fooled your husband into thinking you had won a £10,000 home makeover Tracy Templeman, but hopefully that isn’t the reason he’s your soon to be ‘ex’! I love watching those home makeover shows on the television and would be over the moon to win a competition for one, then gutted when I found out it was a joke! Very cruel but also very funny.

Talking of winning things…it seems that you really can be a devious lot; one of our fans actually wanted us to call one of you and pretend you had won a trip for two to Venice! How wicked, you shall remain nameless Declan Bellew!! Oops!

But there could only be one winner and after vary careful deliberation and a weekend of much frivolity and laughter, the winner is Joanne Graham! Well done Joanne, Lauren is still laughing at the picture in her mind of Captain Kev trying to answer a phone that doesn’t stop ringing and us all frantically waving our mice around trying to get them to work! I think we had better all watch out here at Holidayhypermarket as you’ve given Lauren some very good ideas for next year!

Thank you to all our wonderful fans who took the time to share their stories and for giving us all a giggle.