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Got an Extra-Special Valentine? Take Them to the Stars

Sometimes clichéd, Valentine’s Day chocolates and flowers don’t always get the message across. Going on a romantic getaway is a step in the right direction, but then you’re overwhelmed with options: do you take your loved one to a villa on the Costa del Sol or on a yacht on the coast of Florida? You’re probably left scratching your head and thinking it’ll be easier going to your local, overpriced gastro instead.

Why not rely on one of the most time-honoured romantic customs: stargazing? According to, the night sky is getting lighter every day due to pollution and very few people have had the opportunity to view a truly dark sky. If you’re thinking of opting for an unusual holiday in which you can see panoramic night skies, have a look at the following stargazing destinations:

Barbados, Caribbean

The southern Caribbean islands have very little light pollution, meaning you can enjoy a midnight stroll on a secluded beach where the moon and stars reflect beautifully off the clean Atlantic Ocean. Holidays to the Caribbean are popular among British tourists who stay in beach resorts that really lay on the luxury, from kids’ entertainment and all-inclusive meals to water sports and local tours.

Cape Town, South Africa

Many destinations in Southern Africa provide gorgeous backdrops against which to view the stars, and owing to low population densities, the skies are generally clearer. Touch the stars from the top of Table Mountain, which presides over the whole of Cape Town and can be reached via spectacular revolving cable car.

Crete, Greece:

The Mediterranean weather on Crete provides warm, cloud-free evenings and there’s a scarcity of streetlights that would otherwise disrupt the view. Lie back among the history of Europe’s earliest civilisations and study the sky.

Ekincik Bay, Dalaman

Take a moonlight tour out from this natural bay in the south-west of Turkey. Covered with palm trees and natural wildlife, it’s a popular stop for boats ferrying passengers to Marmaris or Fethiye, but it’s also clean and undisturbed, providing a beautiful view of evening skies.

Let us know if this Valentine’s Day has got you in the mood to get away with your loved one. Have a look at our latest deals on all inclusive package holidays, and kick back under a star-lit sky. Where’s the best stargazing destination you’ve been to? Let us know in the comments.