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Experience the Hidden Treasures of Kauai

Cheap holidays in Hawaii are synonymous with soft waves lapping at the shores of sandy beaches, while palm trees wave gently in the background and the sound of distant ukeleles strumming provides the perfect accompaniment to a brace of exotic cocktails.

Well, although this view of Hawaii is perhaps something of a cliché, it is also very real and can be easily found by travellers – which is good news to anyone planning holidays in this most unusual of US states who just wants to relax. There’s more to Hawaii holidays than this, though, as the tourist authority responsible for the island of Kauai has been anxious to emphasise of late.

With some Hawaiian holiday resorts being considered quite expensive, the local tourist board this week pointed out some places on the island that can be enjoyed for very little – or even better, can be enjoyed free!

Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, and Kauai is certainly no exception. The spectacular Waimea Canyon, for instance, is a mile wide, ten miles long and over 3,500 feet deep – an impressive sight by any reckoning, and visitors are able to hike right down into the crater itself, or head upwards to the amazing views afforded by overlooks such as the one at Kalalau, providing a vista which takes in the fertile valley which plunges thousands of feet down to the Pacific.

Kauai is also blessed with rainforests and areas of wilderness famous for their wildlife. Trekking in these areas is a great way to spend holiday time away from the beach, and officially designated trails are clearly signposted – ranging from beginners’ trails to those for the highly experienced rambling hiker.

Some other fascinating locations in Kauai include the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to many species of rare birds, and the well-preserved 19th-century plantation town of Koloa.