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Everything You Need to Know About Rhodes

Everything You Need to Know About Rhodes

Few places on Earth can compete with the sheer sunshine, variety and brilliance of the Greek islands. Of those hundreds of scattered landscapes, holidaymakers have learned to pick a few favourites. And Rhodes is a name that comes up time and time again.

Thanks to its mix of culture, cuisine and coastal comforts, Rhodes offers plenty to both experienced holiday fans and first-time visitors. Take a look at our guide to everything you need to know about Rhodes, so you can travel smart.

St Pauls Bay

Why Rhodes rocks

Greece divides its islands up into several smaller regions, and in the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes stands apart as the largest and liveliest. It has cosmopolitan flair but plenty of down-to-earth charm too and, of course, the beaches are incredible.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and some of the best weather in the Mediterranean, Rhodes all but guarantees a wonderful escape in the sun. There are no shortage of places to visit either, from upbeat Rhodes Town itself through to bustling coastal towns like Kremasti or vibrant party locales like Faliraki.

Rhodes Town

Truly beautiful beaches

No trip to Rhodes has truly begun until that first step onto the sand. In terms of variety, the island offers beaches of all sizes to suit every kind of mood. It’s partly why Rhodes is so popular with couples, because you can take a peaceful stroll together along the beach of Lardos, then head to one of the seafront parties together in Lindos after a date at a beachfront restaurant.

Rhodes Town offers a superb and sweeping beach too, which cups the entire northern peninsula. Which end of the beach is busiest tends to change with the seasons, with the east side of the beach a touch warmer in the summer and the west seeing less breezes in winter. It’s hot throughout its peak season of course, and flanked by the bars, restaurants and shops of Rhodes Town.

Another recommendation is the beach at Ixia, where watersports and windsurfing are popular pastimes.

St Pauls Bay

Family values

In Greece, family ties are strong, and it’s the same in Rhodes. You’ll find the island is well suited as a family friendly getaway, not only for its sun and beaches, but also nature trails and plenty of enriching culture.

Take Lindos as a prime example – this compact town of whitewashed buildings and vast beaches is bunched together so little legs won’t get tired. Yet it’s also home to one of the most historic places on the island. The Acropolis is the huge castle-like structure towering over the town on its hilltop perch. Not only is it a good way for you and the kids to brush up on your Greek history, thanks to art and artefacts found inside, but it’s also a way to meet some new furry friends too. The steep trail leading up to the Acropolis is traditionally taken on the back of a sturdy donkey.

The Acropolis

Fun after sundown

The bright sun might be what has enticed you to Rhodes, but it’s only half the story. After nightfall, there’s a huge mix of nightlife to be had that blends the finest family traditions with the most outlandish club antics you can think of.

Local music is vibrant and easily found on Rhodes, from acoustic sessions to full band performances that light up the stage. Traditional tavernas and a fair few beachfront bars are where these local heroes most often sing their hearts out, so feel free to join in over a few pints and a cocktail or two.

Likewise, sophisticated wines by sunset are easily had all over Rhodes Town, as well as in chilled out Pastida. Yet if it’s high thrills, high spills and outrageous club nights you’re after, it’s off to Faliraki with you for endless fishbowl cocktails, DJ sets and blazing neon. They don’t call the main nightlife strip in this town Club Street for nothing.

Rhodes Town

Water, water everywhere

As an island community, Rhodes has developed a keen love of the sea that’s translated into much of the lifestyle here. Naturally, you can expect plenty of fish and seafood to grace plates at any number of restaurants, while the more adventurous among you can take on some windsurfing or waterski lessons. Diving is also hugely popular here, with plenty of expert teams on hand who can guide experienced divers to the best sites, as well as teach you the ropes if you’re just starting out.

Getting out on a boat to tour the waves yourself is another option, and a great way to get from place to place outside the excellent road links peppering the island. However, waterparks are where Rhodes definitely shows off, with the aptly name Waterpark in Faliraki hosting some of the most epic and dizzying slides and rides around. There are lots of similarly fun ways to pass the time in that town too, including minigolf and bowling.

Kolymbia, Rhodes

Flavours for everyone

Greek cuisine shines brightly in Rhodes, yet the island has put its own unique spin on plenty of mainland favourites. As already touched on, seafood is a big deal in Rhodes, and you can expect plenty of fresh fish dishes on every restaurant menu.

However, there are other delicious dishes to keep your eye out for too. Mezzes, much like the tapas of Spain, are bitesized morsels served on multiple plates, and in Rhodes those include rega, which is smoked herring in olive oil, as well as gemista – peppers stuffed with rice or minced meat.

At tavernas you can expect rabbit stews, ribs of pork and fresh lamb chops, and come dessert time you can tuck into yoghurt and honey or baklava with ice cream.

The dishes in Rhodes are as delightful as the island they call home. However you spend your time on this island, you’re guaranteed a fun and sunny escape you’ll remember for years to come.


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The dishes of Rhodes are as delightful as the island they call home. However you spend your time on this island, you’re guaranteed a fun and sunny escape you’ll remember for years to come.