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Everything You Need to Know About Loro Parque

There’s tons of natural beauty to be found in Tenerife, and that’s one of the reasons why it draws so many crowds every year.

While the beaches and sunshine are one thing, the rolling fields and lush forests of the crown jewel of the Canary Islands draws visitors from near and far.

Yet for animal lovers, families looking for a grand day out and anyone else looking to see Tenerife to its fullest, Loro Parque comes massively recommended.

About Loro Parque

Loro Parque is a zoo with a difference, which is noticeable from the peaceful and idyllic layout of the park. The animals brought here have been given their homes with protection and conservation in mind.

Reaching Loro Parque is easy, especially since it’s so close to Puerto De La Cruz. It’s less than half an hour’s drive north of there, and opens almost every day between 8:30am and 6:45pm.

Tickets are usually €33 per adult and €22 per child, although these may fluctuate ever so slightly depending on the season.

The animals you’ll meet

Loro Parque hosts animal species from far and wide, as well as plenty of denizens of the deep. The park specialises in protecting endangered species, but is also famous for its flocks of parrots, often found fluttering around you as you explore the sights amid the tropical scenery.

Pelicans, gorillas and chimps are among the more exotic creatures found throughout the park, as well as more fearsome friends like tigers and sharks.

Tamer sea creatures can also be easily found, such as the orcas and dolphins who make their home in Loro Parque. In fact, Loro Parque is home to the largest dolphin park in Europe.

These intelligent creatures cheerfully put on their daily shows, stunning crowds with acrobatics and warming hearts as they nuzzle with their trainers, who paddle alongside them and offer encouragement.

Other animals are happy to get in on the act as well though, so if you’re worried about getting splashed by the dolphins and orcas, take a look at the daily shows put on by the sea lions and parrots.

Once again, there’s a wonderful relationship between the trainers and these beautiful animals in each of these performances.

Special mention should also be given to the penguins, who have a massive portion of the park all to themselves, complete with a big iceberg to live on.

It’s one of the largest colonies of penguins, outside the polar regions, in the whole world.

Other places to explore

Loro Parque is as much about nature as it is animals, and you’ll find that it’s stunning in its beauty and well kept all year round.

As soon as you enter, you’re able to freely walk around the Thai Village zone, where waterfalls gently babble and ponds ripple with the movement of koi carp beneath the surface.

Gorgeous plants not only offer greenery and shelter from the sun, but also a place for the parrots to roam free. Visitors can get their photo taken with these colourful exotic birds to take home as a keepsake.

If you want to meet the birds even more closely, including the kookaburra, the more recent treetop walk is a must. The Katrandra Treetop winds its way into the heights of the forest canopy to get you and your loved ones face to beak with the colourful feathered friends.

Plant life is wonderful to enjoy in Loro Parque too. There’s a garden of orchids to lose yourself in, including many kinds of orchid that have been expertly preserved and are extremely difficult to find anywhere else on Earth.

Over in the oldest part of Loro Parque, the Jungle Ara area is styled like a mini oasis, with ivy growing up mature trees, and ferns and palms lining the walkways.

Food and drink aplenty

While you can pack a lunch to take with you to Loro Parque, the food and drink on offer is reasonably priced and sure to hit the spot.

There’s a self service option available, featuring simple buffet fare and fresh salads, found in Choza de los Duques.

If you’re looking for a fuller meal and a menu that cooks up the best dishes of the Canaries, head to the cosy surroundings of Restaurant Casa Pepe.

Elsewhere, you’ll find that Loro Parque has its drinks and dining spread out in all the right places. Bar Thai is right by the dedicated kids’ area, giving parents somewhere to retreat for a cheeky tipple or a hot snack while the kids idle themselves in the playground.

Meanwhile, Bambu Bar is another place where the adults can enjoy a naughtier drink while the kids get their fill of sweet treats and savoury snacks.

And while Vista Teide tempts the coffee crowd with its promise of cake and tea on the veranda, the Patio de Loro bar and grill is the real star attraction for when you’ve worked up an appetite after fun in the sun.

It’s here that you’ll find grinning staff barbecuing kebabs, chicken and big thick steaks for you to eat al fresco. Veggies also get the grilling treatment though, as there are lighter bites and tapas if your appetite isn’t quite as big as the fillet steaks and burgers.

Finally, when it’s time to indulge your sweet tooth, swing by El Puente to have some freshly squeezed fruit juice, or indulge in a creamy Italian ice cream. There are also a fair number of sandwiches to be had here, with fillings ranging from chicken to BLT and salad.

Altogether, Loro Parque is a wonderful way to spend a day out during your Tenerife stay. If you’ve any fond memories of this place, or anywhere else in Tenerife, let us know in the comments.