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Everything you Need to Know About Ferrari Land PortAventura

Move over Disney World because PortAventura’s newest addition is full of fast-paced thrills. Situated in Spain’s Costa Dorada, we’re talking about none other than Ferrari Land, Europe’s unique theme park.

And don’t be put off by the name – even if you’re not a fan of Formula 1 racing, this park has plenty of rapid fun to keep you coming back for more.

So if you want to find out what all the Ferrari fuss is about, take a look at our guide for the low down on the top attractions, the best places to stay and in-park entertainment.

The park

This strikingly landscaped park – much like the Disney World Parks, has a theme which is present throughout. By that we mean the main street resembles an Italian town featuring everything from the Roman Colosseum to St. Mark’s bell tower and Michelangelo’s sculpture of David.

And even more impressive, the buildings are a replica of the town where Enzo Ferrari was brought up. So, whether you want to go shopping, grab a pizza or sit and watch the world go by, this imitation town lets you do it all.

Throughout this quaint looking town, you’ll be welcomed by a sea of red and black flags, which fits in perfectly with the Ferrari theme. Then, the main building which sits in the middle is where you’ll find the epic Ferrari experience.

Ticket fees

If you plan on paying on arrival for a single day adult ticket, it’ll set you back 20 euros. This price is based on visitors over the age of 11 and under the age of 59. While PortAventura Ferrari Land tickets for juniors – 4 to 10 years and those aged 60 and over – will cost 16 euros.

Thrills for the whole family

Calling all speed demons, there’s nothing tame about the rides in Ferrari Land Salou. With a total of 11 attractions, a trip here won’t end in disappoint, especially not if you ride Red Force – one of Europe’s fastest and tallest rollercoasters.

Going from 0 to 112mph in five seconds and shooting you 367 feet in the air, this is bound to get your adrenaline pumping, even if you do consider yourself a seasoned ride-goer. Other huge attractions in the park include…

  • Maranello Grand Race – Take on your family and fulfil your racing dreams as you drive around  a 570-metre track.
  • Ferrari Land Gallery – This interactive experience is so much more than your average ride as it re-tells the history of the famous Italian motor team. You’ll also find three unique models here, making this a great experience for car enthusiasts.
  • Flying Dreams – This theatre ride will take you on the ultimate round trip some of the world’s most sought-after locations. And to make things even more realistic, the seats move too.
  • Racing Legends – This simulator race takes place in the centre of the park in the unmissable dome-shaped building.
  • Junior Championship – Much like Maranello Grand Race, this ride can be experienced as a family, but this time the child can take the wheel while the family become co-drivers.
  • Kids’ Podium – This soft play park filled with slides is one for the little ones, but it’s not just any playground, it’s been designed with mini racers in mind.
  • Pole Position Challenge* – This ride comes with an additional cost, but if you’re a Ferrari fanatic we’re sure the extra charge won’t stop you. With eight simulators this is a unique opportunity that’ll have you riding as fast as a Formula 1 driver.
  • Pit Stop Record – Forget the driving, this is all about the mechanics of the car. Pit Stop Record lets you work as a team to adjust the tyres of a Formula 1 car in the fastest time possible – can you beat your opponents?
  • Thrill Towers – Free fall tower – Free fall is another must for thrill seekers with its 55-metre free fall, but be warned this isn’t one for the faint hearted.
  • Thrill Towers – Bounce-back tower – This ride takes things up a gear – literally. Controlled by a piston gear, this is an experience like no other as you launch 180 feet in the air before descending back towards the ground.

PortAventura Hotels

Close to PortAventura, you can stay at one of the nearby PortAventura theme park hotels. There are three to choose from, each offering something slightly different.

Gold River comes with a Wild West theme and has its very own main square, which comes complete with a city hall – this is a great stay if you want to continue the themed fun when you leave the park. Plus, it comes with two pools as well, so there’s plenty of chance to relax.

You can also stay at PortAventura Hotel. This hotel is more traditional and comes with two large pools and three restaurants, making it a great pit-stop for food when you’re not in the park.

Then there’s Caribe Hotel, not only does this hotel offer two good-sized pools, but you can also take advantage of a manmade beach. What’s more, you’re just a 15-minute walk from Ferrari Land.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind staying a little further out, there are plenty of hotels that are just a short drive from the park. Family Life Avenida Park Hotel is great example as it is located less than 10 minutes away by car.

In-park entertainment

This PortAventura World theme park is not just about the rides though – visitors also get to enjoy some fantastic entertainment on their visit here. Acrobatic Show Ferrari Land is so much more than a gymnastic-style show.

Here you’ll find everything from dancing, BMX jumps, gymnastics and basketball skills, so as you can imagine it’s quite the show.

You’ll also find travelling entertainment in the park in the form of traditional Italian dancers. Keeping up with the theme of the park, Italian music and impressive costumes all work to create an Italian folklore-vibe.

So, if you want to witness these parade-style performances head to Square Modena and Piazza Italia.

Special events

Much like Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari Land Spain also comes with a list of special events. So if you want to find out what’s going on in the park from one day to the next, just visit the Ferrari Land website and find out all about the latest goings-on.

After its opening there was a grand ceremony that took place for the laying of the first stone, not to mention the park has also seen its fair share of special guests from the racing world too.


When it comes to cuisine, Ferrari Land has an impressive selection of eateries. So, after sampling every rollercoaster in the park, there’s ample opportunity to refuel with a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking for snacks, fast food or a hearty meal in a restaurant, even the fussiest of diners are sure to find something here.

Head for Ristorante Cavallino if it’s traditional Italian food you’re after, and if you’re looking for something inspired by Italy to satisfy your sweet tooth, stop by Ice Cream Box for afters – we’re sure you can guess what they sell.

If it’s tasty snacks you’re looking for, Stop & Go is a great place to grab a quick energy-booster before taking on the rest of the theme park, while Pit Lane is known for its good standard of fast food favourites and Italian classics.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience for Ferrari enthusiasts heading for PortAventura World! So, which Ferrari rollercoaster will you try first?





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