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All You Need to Know About Europe’s First Underwater Museum

After three years of planning and construction, Europe’s first underwater museum is officially open!

In the depths of Bahia de Las Coloradas in Lanzarote is The Museo Atlantico. The submerged collection of 300 sculptures is an ‘entry to a different world’ according to the artist behind the project, Jason deCaires Taylor. And this under-the-sea spectacle is just a 10-minute drive from the popular holiday destination of Playa Blanca!

Statues sitting 12 metres underwater include people, boats, giant walls, coral and other plant life. They tell the stories and concerns of modern society, most obviously migration, climate change and conservation.

Working as a large artificial reef, the artwork is already making waves on its mission to help marine life. Since the first installation in February 2016, there has been a whopping 200% increase in fishy visitors to the area. Incredible octopus, beautiful butterfly rays, and amazing angel sharks – don’t worry, they are definitely more angelic than scary – are now regulars of the unique reef in Colorado Bay. Grab your snorkel and dive in!

The area is great for diving and snorkelling but if you prefer to keep your head above the water, glass bottom boat tours of the museum are also available.

The sculptures, which are made of specially chosen environmentally friendly materials, change over time as the sea and its marine life entwine with the art. The changing faces of the designs are a purpose built move from UK artist deCaires Taylor, showing how we are dependent on nature and can work with each other rather than against each other. A percentage of the project’s profits will go towards the protection of the sea life in the Canaries too.

Although this is the first underwater museum in Europe, deCaires Taylor has similar projects in Cancun and Grenada too – so if you’re heading across the Atlantic, grab your snorkelling gear, you never know what wonders you might find!

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