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Essential Travel Gadgets for your Long Haul Flight

As much as we all love travelling to far away destinations, flying long haul can be hard work – especially when you’re crammed into a small cabin with limited leg room. And nothing dampens your spirit more than clock-watching when there’s nothing to lessen the boredom. Thankfully, with a wide range of amazing travel gadgets to choose from long haul flights don’t have to be painful. So, take a look at our fit-for-flight gadgets and never dread a long haul journey again!

Noise-cancelling headphones

With so many people crammed into a confined space flights can get extremely noisy, and sometimes all we want to do is zone out and forget where we are, right? Well, now you can with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones! These top-quality earpieces reduce loud cabin noises such as that continuous jet noise, which can get annoying after a few hours in the air. So, if you want to watch a film, listen to music, or just catch up on your sleep these headphones are your go-to gadget.

Our top pick – Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Portable charger

Keeping your smartphone fully charged on a long haul flight isn’t easy, even with all the power saving tricks in the book. That said, we suggest investing in a portable charger before your travels so you don’t have to endure a phoneless flight again. These handy devices come in a range of forms from phone cases to power banks and portable batteries, so you can find the device to best suit you.

Our top pick – RAV Power Luster Mini Portable Charger

Device holder

Are you bored with your in-flight entertainment but have nowhere to rest your devices? Then reduce that aeroplane strain with a device holder. This high-tech holder allows you to use your tablet or iPad Mini without suffering from neck pain. All you need to do is attach the device to the seat in front and you’ll be able to view your tablet at a much more comfortable angle.

Our top pick – Griffin Skyview



Although there is plenty of in-flight entertainment available on long haul flights, you can’t board a plane without your tablet. This small device will keep you entertained for hours on that sometimes ever-lasting flight to Thailand whether you want to watch a film, a programme, listen to music or play on a game. Plus, a number of flights now offer Wi-Fi, so you can even keep on top of your social media accounts.

Our top pick – iPad Mini 4


If you prefer to get lost inside a book when you’re travelling then a kindle should be your carry-on essential. This way, you don’t have to worry about fitting hordes of heavy books in your hand luggage because your reading options are endless with this portable device. And if you don’t like the thought of reading from a screen for hours on end, most kindles will have an anti-glare screen, which means the cabin lighting won’t affect your ability to see.

Our top pick – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

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