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Errant in Iberia: Spain in Audio!

It’s not the manliest pastime, but when I’m at the gym or cleaning my house I like to catch up on an audiobook or two (don’t judge me!).

There are some great free travel audiobooks available for download to your Kindle or MP3 player. If you’re going on holiday, you can even get self-guided audio walking tours for different neighbourhoods, so strolling through the tiny streets of Orange Square can feel like visiting a living museum.

One of my favourite audiobooks is Errant in Iberia by Ben Curtis, which is about moving to Madrid to teach English. Curtis left London in August 1998 at the age of 26 when big city life threatened to get the best of him.

He writes in his blog: “Turning up in Madrid without a word of Spanish, I soon found a job, beautiful intercambios, amazing journeys to the depths of Spain, and wild fiestas.

“Then I met Marina [his wife], bought a scarily run-down flat in Madrid’s wild Lavapies neighbourhood, and really took the cultural plunge.

“Meals with endless Spanish in-laws where you can’t understand a thing? Residents’ meetings where not only your flat but your whole livelihood is at stake? Not to mention Medallion Manolo, the hunter-builder from hell…”

If you like listening to travel audiobooks or are interested in visiting Spain, give it a try!