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How to Enjoy Ibiza’s Tranquil Side

There’s much more to Ibiza than wild nights out clubbing and endless beach parties. The island’s diverse geography, historical landmarks and stunning views make this a fantastic location for tranquil and laidback holidays under the sun.

It’s true that the vast majority of holidaymakers here will be looking for an epic nightlife experience, but, in the midst of those late nights they could well miss out on the incredible sites of this unique island. So if you’re looking for a last minute holiday to Ibiza or perhaps a family holiday, here’s a list of some of Ibiza’s most tranquil and serene destinations.

Dalt Vila

The historic walled city of Dalt Vila is set right in the middle of Ibiza Town. A UNESCO world heritage site, this spot has cobbled avenues, a traditional drawbridge and is the home of Ibiza’s very own castle.

You can spend your day leisurely walking through the old Roman structures and idyllic courtyards, or even learn about the heritage of Ibiza through the city’s art galleries and museums. For any history lovers, Dalt Vila makes for a wonderful day out, soaking up the island’s culture and learning about its origins.

Unspoilt beaches

Ibiza has miles and miles of endless white sand beaches and clear waters that make you feel as though you’re stepping straight into a postcard. Many coastlines here are party hubs, with beach clubs and bars open all night long. But for a relaxing and uncrowded beach experience, there’s still a few spots that have stayed hidden away.

Cala d’en Serra in Cala Llonga is a quiet, sheltered stretch of beach, with rocky cliffs encircling its coast. This place is rarely packed and you’ll be able to find plenty of spots for your beach towel or sunlounger. Another small cove is Cala Xarraca, just a five-minute drive away from Portinatx. Here you can go snorkelling and hike across the idyllic coastal footpaths.

Walking tours

Walking through Ibiza’s rolling hills, orange groves and forests will tell you much more about this island’s true identity than clubbing ever will. There are several walking tour companies to take you on a hike through the island’s unspoilt terrain and fantastic scenery. Walks are tailored to your needs so you can go whatever distance you’re able.

Knowledgeable guides will tell you more about the history of Ibiza during your walk, or you can venture out on your own by following one of the footpaths. Just make sure to take your trainers as walking through all that tranquil terrain can be tiring!

Can Marca dripstone caves

The seafront caves of Can Marca are a once in a lifetime experience. These caves resonate with natural beauty and their stalagmites and stalactites have been forming over thousands of years. You can get up close and personal with the caves by taking tours of these fascinating structures, walking along their hidden pathways. These caves are home to their own natural glowing pools which you can walk by and make a wish, or just take a few photos to commemorate your visit.

Train tours

One of the easiest and most relaxing ways to travel the island is by tourist train. These open-air trains offer a variety of coastal routes and make stops along the way at some of the larger towns and beaches.

You can hop aboard any of the four routes and stop off where you please, perhaps going for a quick swim or doing a spot of shopping before heading back onto the train. Even if you decide not to get off, you’ll still receive an exceptional tour of Ibiza and be able to take in the amazing natural landscapes and coastlines.


The picturesque island of Formentera is just 30 minutes away from Ibiza’s coastline. You’ll be able to take a boat ride to the island, either by Aqua Boat or ferry, and explore the beaches and clear waters that even rival the Caribbean. The easiest way to get around the island is by hiring bicycles, and with these, you can cycle from the port to the nearest beach, which is just 20 minutes away.

Moving sunsets

Watching the sun set on Ibiza is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the evening, and the views here are out of this world.

One of the most beautiful spots to watch the sun go down is across from the 400-metre tall rock formation Es Verda. This area has many fantastical legends surrounding it, but what is true is that the sunsets over the formation are totally mesmerising. Just by taking a bottle of wine, two glasses and a picnic blanket with you, you’ll have a romantic moment unlike any other.