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Egypt Excursion Nightmare

Overall, we loved our holidays to Egypt this year. We went at the end of September, staying in the resort of Sharm el Sheikh, and the weather was beautiful. We stayed at the Hotel Conrad, which has since changed its name to the Coral Sea Imperial. It was fab with lovely staff that were always happy to help. However, the food was a different story. Some of it was okay, don’t get me wrong, but most of it wasn’t to our taste. We’ve never missed English food so much, but to be honest this was our hotel’s only downside, so we could live with it!

This lovely image is VERY misleading!

Now for the nightmare excursion…We booked a day out via a man walking around the pool during the day, because he gave us a really good price and seemed genuine enough. Oh how I wish we’d booked with First Choice now! It was advertised as a horse/camel ride across the desert, stargazing and then trying the hashish pipe and drinking in a Bedouin tent while an astrologist told us about the constellations.

Did any of this actually happen? No! We did ride camelback into the desert, but our camels were slow and the rest of the group left us behind. Night crept upon us, and as you can imagine in the desert it was as though a velvet blanket had been drawn over us. It was pitch black, and we were on our own in the desert. The Egyptian guy accompanying us didn’t actually know where he was (quite scary I think you’ll agree!) He escorted us to a secluded Bedouin tent in the pitch black, no drinks, no lights and then proceeded to talk to me and my girlfriend. We asked if we could go back and so off we went. A good half an hour ride back in the pitch black desert. We got back to where we started with very sore bums off the camels! Funny, but not when it takes the skin off your bottom and you can’t sit down properly for a few days…

Moral of this story: if you’re looking for excursions whilst on holiday in Egypt, make sure you book with a reputable source!

By Miss L. Pavlou