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Edinburgh Airport supports hidden disabilities with Grace’s Sign

Edinburgh Airport is putting a foot forward in order to make the lives of those with hidden disabilities a little bit easier. A specially designed bathroom sign will now replace the traditional accessible toilet image in hope that people will be more considerate of those who suffer from disabilities that aren’t visible.

11-year-old Grace Warnock has Crohn’s Disease and created Grace’s Sign as part of a campaign to give those with disabilities and health conditions like hers the confidence to use accessible bathrooms without fear of comments from other people.

At the unveiling of Grace’s Sign in the airport, the proud designer said, “I am really thrilled to see my sign here at Edinburgh Airport as so many people come here from all over the world.

“Grace’s Sign is one of the first or last things that people see when they arrive, or before they leave, Scotland – so hopefully that will help spread the word.”

So if  you are worried about using accessible toilets with an invisible condition, look for Grace’s Sign and feel confident at Edinburgh Airport.