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Drink the alphabet: A-Z of drinks around the world

Drinks and holidays go together hand in hand, there is no better way to make friends and encourage conversation. Hot drinks warm the soul, fruit juices deliver a burst of energy and herbal teas can sooth the stomach.

So quench your thirst with our A – Z of drinks from around the world. From America to Zimbabwe we’ve listed a mix of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks – spoiler, we’re not too keen to try the drink from Indonesia though.

America – Budweiser Beer

Bulgaira – Rakia

Cyprus – Brandy Sour

Dublin – Guinness

You can’t go to Dublin without having a pint of Guinness. Love it or hate it, this Irish dry stout is said to be rich in iron and good for the heart, due to its antioxidant compounds. What more reason could you have to enjoy a pint?

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Egypt – Sweet Tea

France – Champagne

Greece – Ouzo

Not a drink for the faint hearted, as Ouzo is said to have about 40% alcohol content, however the high sugar content delays the release of the alcohol into your system. Often served neat as an aperitif, next time you have a glass, remember the customary toast stin uyeia sou (steen –ee-Yee-ah so) – to your health.

Hawaii – Hawaiian Sea Breeze

Indonesia – Cat Poo Coffee (Kopi Luwak)

Only the brave dare to try the world’s most expensive coffee – made from coffee berries that have been ingested and then deposited by the Asian mongoose. Have you had the chance to try this? Did it live up to your expectations? Or did you become the butt of everyone’s jokes?

Japan – Sake

Korea – Soju

Latvia – Riga Black Balsam

Mexico – Tequila

We’ve all have a tequila experience – a shot of tequila, a slice of lime and salt on the back of your hand. It has given us plenty of fun over the years, with many of us wondering what actually happened the night before. But did you know that a bottle of tequila can last unopened for years – but who has an unopened bottle of tequila?

Northern Ireland – Irish whiskey

Oman – Gahwa coffee

Peru – Pisco Sour

Qatar – Lemon mint fruit juice

Russia – Vodka

Russian vodka is said to be drunk neat and is typically 80% proof, it has been warming up Russians for years. More often than not it is used in a plethora of cocktails such as a bloody Mary, screwdriver and vodka tonic.

Scotland – Irn Bru

Turkey – Raki

United Kingdom – Tea

A cup of tea is part of everyday life for the majority of people, no matter if you’ve had a good or bad day someone will always say – ‘I’ll put the kettle on’. Whether you love a good builder’s brew or prefer to shake the tea bag at the cup, many of us have spent years perfecting our ideal cuppa. It is best made by ourselves, as it’s not the kind of thing you can entrust on the untrained. But the most important question is not how many sugars do you take, but what is your ideal biscuit for dunking?

Venezuela – Chicha

Wales – Beer

Xilitla – Tequila

Yemen – Sweet dessert tea

Zimbabwe – Chibuku

How many of these drinks have you tried?

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