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Hong Kong Tourist Board Visit London

Five colourful and elaborate dragons have landed on South Molton Street in London. Fortunately they are part of a tourism promotion, “Hong Kong – Live in London!” encouraging UK holidaymakers to visit Hong Kong. As such, the only thing they’ll be setting fire to is people’s desire to go and experience this exotic destination.

This is just as well really, since the last thing the economy needs is five fire-breathing mythical marauders destroying large swathes of central London.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) shipped the five vibrant visitors over to London last week as part of a two-week tourism initiative designed to show Londoners some of the unique delights of Asia’s cosmopolitan city.

Street performances of dance, music and other entertainments have enthralled anyone happening to wander through South Molton Street. In addition, the tourism promotion is giving visitors a taste of the Orient with some sumptuous samples of Hong Kong’s cuisine.

Dawn Page, UK and northern Europe director of the HKTB, said: ‘The dragon installations on South Molton Street embody the cosmopolitan vibe, the fusion of East and West, the diversity, trend-setting fashion and vibrancy of Hong Kong.’

“Through these dragons and other activities in the Hong Kong – Live in London! promotion, we want British travellers to feel the spirit and energy of Hong Kong, and [to] encourage them to visit the city.”

So if you’re passing through central London and you’ve always had a hankering for a Hong Kong holiday, then saunter down South Molton Street for the festivities.