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Dragon’s Den Is Childs Play

An ingenious mum has come up with a wonderful idea for keeping children entertained on long and boring flights.

The TrayKit was invented by mum of two, Solvej Biddle and went down a storm when she pitched the idea on BBC’s Dragon’s Den programme.

Dragon Peter Jones, a father himself, was particularly keen on the idea, saying “I was so excited when Solvej pitched her idea. Being a father of five I can appreciate how many things we need to keep kids entertained when travelling.”

Jones and fellow Dragon Deborah Meaden invested £80,000 in the invention and British Airways have snapped up the TrayKit and are selling them for £24.99 through their in-flight holiday shop.

The idea is a child’s backpack that straps onto the seat tray to provide an extendable play surface. Its raised sides and choice of pockets prevent toys and pens from sliding off and being lost under seats. It also gives the child independence in carrying their own bag and can be used on train and car journeys too.

The invention will be a godsend for parents as although travelling is an exciting time, it can be very boring for young children, making journeys stressful for anxious parents who strive to keep them entertained.

Jones concluded “It’s great British Airways have recognised what an innovative product the TrayKit is. With their support parents around the world will be able to snap it up.”

Solvej also showed the Dragon’s her Cot Canopy invention, which covers a baby’s cot helping to create a dark and safe environment for the baby to sleep in. It also prevents the expense of buying blackout curtains and blinds for the room your baby may use and is perfect for travel cots, keeping the bright sunlight out and the baby safe and calm inside.