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Disneyland Paris Closes Ride Following Serous Injury

Disneyland Paris has had to close one of its main attractions following an accident which injured five people.

A train on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad carrying 25 people hit a piece of the ride’s ‘scenery’ that had fallen onto the track. The debris was made of fibreglass and wood and seriously injured one passenger whilst wounding four others.

Thunder Mountain

A 38 year old man was taken to a Paris hospital with head injuries and the theme parks medics treated the other injured passengers at the scene.

Thierry Bonnet, deputy prefect for the Seine-et-Marne region, where the park is situated said “The safety of our guests and Cast Members remains our top priority and the attraction will remain closed until further notice in order to allow the ongoing inquiry to determine the causes of this incident. The rest of the park remains open.”

The ride is one of Disneyland Paris’ main attractions and mimics a runaway train that hurtles through tunnels flooding with water and past walls that are about to collapse whilst trying to avoid the screeching bats.

The theme park which celebrates its 21st birthday this year attracts over 15 million visitors every year and has been hit with tragedy before. In 2003 ten people were injured and one man died when a single car broke away from the other carriages on the Disney California Adventure ride.