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Discovering the best waterfalls around the world

No matter how much you love your favourite beach, a refreshing alternative is always tempting when the sun is burning and the sand gets so hot it feels more like a sea of lava.

But hiding under the nearest tree just won’t do the trick, unless you’re feeling a bit lazy. With so much to discover inland, the perfect escape from those roasting beaches can be as unusual yet as relaxing and refreshing as it can get: have you ever thought of a trip to a waterfall, and the ways to discover and experience these stunning natural showers?

We have had a look around and realised how easy it can be to beat the heat and enjoy the quietness of a waterfall. Here’s a selection of the best ones out there:

Algar Waterfall – Spain

Located outside the Callosa d’en Sarria, just about 10 miles inland from Benidorm’s popular shores, this quiet and picturesque waterfall surely is the most refreshing idea for a day trip in Costa Blanca. With water temperatures around 18-20C even on the hottest summer days, it’s easy to feel born again while swimming in the natural pools around here.

Angel Waterfalls – Venezuela

Did you know that Niagara Falls are not the world’s highest waterfalls, but just the most famous? 15 times higher are Venezuela’s Angel Waterfalls, a natural wonder that’s worth the effort it takes to reach the wilderness of these remote tropical forests. Not a place for a quiet swim but rather one to admire the wondrous force of nature, Angel Waterfalls are located within the Canaima National Park: visiting them is also a great excuse to admire rugged mountains and discover the native Pemon people, with their ancient traditions and culture.

Kursunlu Waterfall – Turkey

Hidden in the heart of Turkey’s Antalya region, this waterfall is one the purest and most untamed natural attractions in the country. Apart from the opportunities for a dive and a refreshing swim, Kursunlu is embraced by a majestic pine forest where you’ll be able to see dozens of different Mediterranean plants. Harder to see but more exciting even, are the wild animals that populate the area. Wild boars, woodpeckers, water tortoises and snakes are partly the reason why this area turned into a national park back in 1991.

El Nicho Waterfalls – Cuba

Boasting very different vegetation from the aforementioned waterfalls, Cuba’s El Nicho are considered by many the most beautiful waterfall in the country. Combining some scenic falls as well as different swimming opportunities, this strip of mountainous, tropical land is also a priceless opportunity for some bird watching: the legendary Tocororo, Cuba’s national bird, hides between the tallest tree branches here. It may take some patience, but spotting one of these spectacular birds fly out in the wild sure is a remarkable experience.

Images used under Creative Commons licence from edomingo, ENT108, one2c900d, Ed Kimber