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Discover Bulgaria Both on and Off the Beaten Path

We examine some of the latest attractions awaiting visitors to this fascinating country.

With the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism determined to change the way foreign visitors see its country – a view which the ministry believes to be “low and outdated” – we are going to inspire your imagination by taking a look at some of the many varied attractions that cheap holidays in Bulgaria can offer.

Bulgaria’s deputy tourism minister Ivo Marinov and Anelia Genova director of marketing for tourism came to the UK last week to launch a new holidays campaign, which over the next decade will focus on many different aspects of Bulgaria holidays – such as winter sports, city breaks, historical and cultural holidays, spa visits and eco-tourism.

“Bulgaria is a country full of rich possibilities for both summer and winter holidays, which we will show through our innovative advertising campaign,” Mr Marinov declared. Here’s our contribution, with just three places to sample the contrasts that make cheap holidays in Bulgaria so fascinating.

1. Sunny Beach

You may not associate Bulgaria holidays with lazing on the beach in the blazing sunshine, but located as it is on the Black Sea coast with a Mediterranean climate, Sunny Beach has all you need for a break packed with sun and sand. This resort was custom-built, starting in 1958, and now boasts more than 800 hotels, over 130 restaurants, plus many live music bars, pubs, nightclubs, discos, cafes. Just to the south lies the ancient town of Nessebur, packed with architectural and historic delights.

2. Pamporovo

One of the best value destinations in Europe for winter sports, this mountain resort has fantastic ski slopes and modern hotels, set against a wondrous forest background, from where wolves can be heard howling at night! Pamporovo is even a great place to visit in the summer, due to the spectacular scenery, folk village tours and trips into the woods to see the wild boar.

3. Sofia

Located in the west of the country, the Bulgarian capital is steeped in history and has many attractions for the visitor, such as archeological sites, ancient tombs, mediaeval churches and museums, plus many bars, cafes and restaurants. Be sure to visit the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, which takes up 34,100 square feet and can hold 10,000 people.

For more information, why not visit Bulgaria’s travel website, which has recently been revamped with fresh videos, pictures and information about key locations, plus an enhanced search facility.