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Deadly Snake Invites Itself For Lunch

A couple who were house hunting in Queensland, Australia got a bit more than they bargained for when they came across a snake eating its lunch in the front room of the property they were viewing at Four Mile Beach.

The shocked couple stared in amazement as the giant python grappled with a huge Ibis bird. The couple, along with local Estate Agent Phil Holloway noticed that the snake was in trouble as the bird’s razor-like beak had actually pierced the snake’s stomach, as Mr Holloway tried to take some photos.

The python somehow managed to untangle itself from the beak and spat the bird back out before slithering off into the bush with a huge hole in its side.

Mr Holloway explained that the couple from Sydney were shocked by what they had seen and were obviously concerned about bringing their small dog to the house with such huge snakes in the area; he concluded “I think I’ve lost a sale there.”