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Cute animals around the world

Happy 2013! Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? If your resolution was to take more holidays, perhaps these images of cute wildlife from every continent will inspire you to get out and see them in their native habitats. If your resolution wasn’t to travel more, well, we hope these cute images of unusual critters cheer up a grey January day at home or in the office.

Australia – Quokka

This happy cat-sized marsupial is native to Western Australia, around Perth. Just look at that smile!

Asia – Slow Loris

The nocturnal slow loris has a wide-ranging habitat from southern China to eastern India and the Phillipines – but they are sadly endangered, so if you fancy seeing one in the wild don’t hesitate!

Africa – Sand Cat

This cute desert cat can tolerate temperatures up to 52 C, making it well suited to a habitat that stretches from the Sahara to Afghanistan.

North America – American Pika

The cute wee pika is related to the rabbit and lives in the mountains of the American west.

South America – Capybara

The cute capybara is the world’s largest rodent, which loves to swim and is sometimes kept as a pet!

Europe – Hoopoe

While perhaps not “cute”, this funny-looking little crested bird lives in southern and Eastern Europe, as well as much of Africa and Asia. Keep your eyes peeled if you go on holiday to the Mediterranean!

Antarctica – Penguins!

Perhaps not unusual to us, but who can resist that silly waddle?

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