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Crown Paradise In Cancun

My partner and I booked 2 weeks all inclusive to Cancun, Mexico through Holiday Hypermarket. We travelled in June just before prices began to soar for the summer. We flew with Thomson airways and upgraded our seats to first class. It was well worth the money and I’d encourage anyone flying long haul to seriously consider an upgrade. It was so comfortable, the service was great, and our bags were first off the plane, which was an indescribably great feeling!

I was very impressed with the Crown Paradise hotel. We were welcomed at the beautiful reception area by a smile and a cocktail. The concierge happily took our bags from us, and we found them waiting for us by our rooms as soon as we had checked in.

The beaches on Cancun holidays postcard perfect with turquoise waters and shimmery white sands. We spent many a day relaxing here whilst the fabulous staff attended our each and every need. Absolute paradise.

Holidays to Cancun have immense nightlife. If you have time for just 1 night out while in Cancun, then Coco Bongo’s is a must. Owned by Jim Carey, this nightclub is an eccentric mix between a West End show, The Moulin Rouge in Paris and Pacha in Ibiza. We partied till 5am and had such an amazing time that we went back for more the following night!! We also went to Senor Frog’s for a very messy but very fun Mojito night!

Chitchen Itza

We went on a trip to the Yucatan Pyramids “Chitchen Itza”. The journey was four hours from Cancun, but we stopped on the way to go swimming in a beautiful fresh water lagoon indulge in a lovely Mexican lunch. This split the long journey up and made it far more bearable. When I was just about to lose the will to live, we arrived at Chitchen Itza. It really was worth the travelling, and it was honestly the best trip I’ve ever been on. We had a brilliant guide named Jose who spoke great English and really enjoyed explaining the history and culture surrounding the pyramids as we explored. History really isn’t my thing, but this was really fun and interesting, and overall a fab day out. I’d highly recommend it.

Overall if you love places with a Caribbean feel that boast sun, sea, sand, shopping and a great nightlife but still want the freedom to explore then holidays in Cancun are definitely for you.

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