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Crazy Themed Planes from Around the World

We all know the old cliché about it not being the destination that’s important, but how you get there. If you’re going to fly, why not fly in style? There are plenty of planes out there marked up with their nation’s flag or their company logo, but sometimes you want to arrive in something a bit more… distinctive.

Star Wars

That’s no moon! No, it’s actually not. It’s one of several new planes released by Nippon Airways. Launched to tie into the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, this R2D2 plane accompanies another based on the new BB-8 Droid (you might know it as “that beach-ball one from the trailer”). The theme isn’t just skin-deep, either. Climb aboard and see row upon row of R2D2 shaped chairs gazing back at you. No word yet on whether they’ll be flying to our favourite Star Wars holiday destination


Nippon Airways has done a number of themed planes, but regardless of the theme they have one thing in common. You have to get to the air terminal in time to board the plane. What we’re saying is: You’ve got to catch ‘em all.

Lord of the Rings

One does not simply walk to New Zealand (and driving there isn’t exactly a breeze either, as we’ve covered before). No, really, it’s an island. Walking there is physically impossible. Fortunately Air New Zealand is here to help with one in a long line of Lord of the Rings tie-ins. Even their safety videos are Hobbit themed.


I don’t know what it is about this about this plane. Something about it just smells just a little bit… fishy. This salmon themed plane was designed to promote Alaska Airlines role as the biggest air cargo company transporting Alaskan Salmon. We’re going to assume they didn’t go for an accurate smell. Now they just need to find a waterfall big enough to fly it up.

Hello Kitty

If you’ve ever had a five year old you’ve probably had a Hello Kitty lunchbox, or socks, or toys, or other themed merchandise scattered around the house. Hello Kitty is just big on merchandise. And sometimes the merchandise itself can get pretty big…


If you’re travelling to and from Brussels, you might as well do it while paying homage to one of the most iconic heroes Brussels has produced: Tintin. Inside the plane you’ll have the rear cabin walls have been painted with images of Tintin and Captain Haddock, while in the place of the usual dull in-flight magazines you’ll find a copy of the Tintin album, Red Rackham’s Treasure, available in Dutch, French and English.

Then once you read it you start to worry when you realise the outside of the plain is actually decorated like a submarine.


So, if they did this for the movie, Cars, does that mean they also brought our some Planes themed cars when that movie came out?