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Which Costa Rican Beach Activity Are You?

Ordinarily we’d leave how to spend your day at the beach up to you, but Costa Rica offers so many coastal activities, we’d hate to see you miss your particular beachy boat. Never fear, dear holidaymakers – this quiz will help you decide which Costa Rican beach activity is best suited to your holiday personality.

Which activity did you get?


You’re all about relaxation, all the time, and you don’t care who knows it. You came to Costa Rica for the 1,200 kilometres of coastline, and the more secluded the better. You don’t necessarily need frills or fancies for a memorable holiday here, just a sunlounger preferably accompanied by a cool cocktail. For maximum quiet time along the coast, you’re best off heading towards Playa Flamingo, whose secluded coastline is renowned for its opulent neighbours.


You see Costa Rica as a tropical landscape that will help you achieve the ultimate state of Zen. The sound of waves lapping against the shore, the patter of butterfly wings – this coastal gem is at the centre of all happy places. You’ll find a serious state of peace while practising yoga on some of Costa Rica’s tranquil beaches. The recent craze in yoga practice here is balancing on paddle boards out at sea.

Snorkelling or scuba diving

You’re here for Costa Rica’s overwhelming biodiversity. Odds are, you’ve gone to the ends of the rainforest to see all four of the country’s monkey species and teared up at the sight of baby Leatherback Turtles scampering across the sand. At Costa Rica’s beaches, you’ll be happiest snorkelling alongside the country’s rich aquatic life and over the coral reefs in the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.


You don’t shy away from adventure or the unknown – you invite it into your life with open arms. If it were possible to live your life at a constant extreme, you’d do it. In Costa Rica, you’ll find that adrenaline high out on the waves, cutting through the breaks on a surfboard. The beach at Playa Tamarindo is regarded as Costa Rica’s best for surfing, both for beginners and well-versed surfing buffs alike.

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