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The Coolest Ways to Get Around in Rhodes

The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is one of the most loved destinations in the Hellenic isles. It offers immense ancient ruins and incredible cathedrals, luscious green scenery and long walks on golden beaches. If you’re hitting Rhodes this year you won’t want to miss any of the hundreds of memorable sites.

With this in mind we’ve put together a list of cool ways to travel around the island. This compilation will ensure that you get to see everything you want to see, in style. You’ll also be able to find those all important souvenirs and have opportunities to take some unforgettable holiday snaps.

Try it the old fashioned way, on horseback

Reconnect with nature, and see the island atop one of Rhodes riding club’s noble steeds. You’ll find the stable-owners are more than happy to give training to new riders if you’ve never done it before. If you’re more experienced then just pick your trusty companion and you’re away. A tour of Rhodes on horseback beats any other form of transportation, not least because you can’t get a bus down those narrow country paths.

A ride around town by bike

There’s not a lot that looks cooler than speeding through the Greek countryside on two wheels, dodging between walkers and taking in the scenery as you cruise down hills with ease.

Cycling is a big thing in Rhodes, with plenty of companies offering great mountain bikes with the wheels you need to tackle some of the more challenging terrains. Plus, you get fit while you do it, so you’ll feel amazing by the time you get to the beach for a cool down in the refreshing water.

Be a little more daring with a motorbike

Many of the bicycle companies also hire out mopeds and motorbikes to those with licenses. These go for much cheaper than they do in the UK, so if you do need to get around the island particularly efficiently, then this is a great choice. Plus, there’s something very romantic about speeding around the coast on a little Vespa with your loved one.

Boat hire

Maybe land isn’t really your thing and you’d rather try your hand as a seafarer. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that Rhodes has a huge selection of vessels so you can chug around at your leisure. Small fishing boats with canopies take tourists out regularly for guided tours and the chance to catch their own dinner. These are cheap and make for great family memories.

However, if you’re more of a go-it-alone type, then maybe you’d rather your own speedboat! With these you can rev around the coast visiting idyllic coves and secret spots, for a spot of lunch or the cheeky bit of skinny-dipping at sunset. There’s nothing quite like having your own boat when travelling around Rhodes, and the day rates might just surprise you.

Limo hire

If you want to go all out then you can always hire a limousine and cruise around Rhodes in the luxury you deserve while on holiday. Private transfers are available from the airport or ports to any of the many high class hotels on the island. As additional service, these limo hire companies often offer guided tours in their vehicles so you can see everything from the privacy of your own chauffeured car. Now there really is nothing cooler than that!