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Contortionist thief squeezes in a free trip

A six foot contortionist has been arrested in Spain this week after using his flexible skills to pilfer valuables from suitcases on a shuttle coach from the airport in Girona to Barcelona.
The man, assisted by an accomplice who was also taken into Spanish police custody, would curl up inside a suitcase which was then loaded into the coach’s luggage compartment.


Police said that ‘once the trip began, he would get out of the suitcase, search for valuable objects and hide them in a smaller bag he carried with him’. The thief would then fold himself back inside his own suitcase, ready for collection upon arrival at Barcelona.

Already on alert due to a recent increase in thefts from luggage, suspicion arose when the driver noticed the accomplice struggling with an unusually heavy bag after arrival. Police opened the bag to discover the sweaty thief – who was no doubt feeling a little claustrophobic after the 90-minute 100km trip – along with a cache of valuables belonging to the other coach travellers.

The thief also had a sharp object for opening bags, and a mobile phone – presumably to contact his accomplice. And we thought air travel was claustrophobic.